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Supreme Court gives Conservatives a Win-Win

For many millions of Christians, their prayers have finally been answered after 49 years of killing the unborn. We should all praise the Lord that we have finally ended the misguided Roe v. Wade ruling and the supposed right to kill an unborn child. We have been witness to the loss of 63 million lives because this of horrible ruling which has finally been rectified by a conservative Supreme Court.

Once again we have to thank former President Donald Trump for appointing the three conservatives justices to the Supreme Court, and you can be sure that the liberal media will be blaming him for this decision. If you think they hated Trump before, I can’t imagine the hatred they feel for him now that Roe has been overturned because of his conservative supreme court picks. We are finally free of the federally sanctioned killing of the unborn but I fear that there will be many violent repercussions and even more division between the red and blue states. The violence we have seen perpetrated against the pro-life clinics has just begun and I only hope and pray that people committing these acts of violence are caught and jailed.

Conservative Americans were also handed a second surprise ruling by our newly appointed justices which protects our Second Amendment gun rights by striking down a N.Y. law setting a high bar for obtaining a concealed carry license. You can be sure that the left will blame Christianity for both of these decisions just as a N.Y. Times article blamed gun culture on Christians.

I predict that there will be even more division in our country and it is something that will not be going away anytime soon. The 13 states that have trigger bans to be sure will come under attack as will any others that put bans on abortion. What amazes me is listening to Nancy Pelosi talk about how this ruling has taken away women’s rights. I didn’t know that women had the right to kill an unborn child under our constitution. Keep in mind that this is coming from a person who says she is a devout catholic where the Church teaches that abortion is against church law. The archbishop of San Francisco even announced that Pelosi, was no longer eligible to receive Holy Communion because of her stance on abortion. I would guess that Nancy doesn’t really care that much about religion just what she wants.

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The liberals keep saying that abortion is a constitutional right, but I ask you, where in the constitution does it give us as Americans the right to take the life of an unborn child? Have these abortion freaks forgotten that it is every American’s right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg questioned the fact that abortion was not a constitutional right when Roe v. Wade was voted on in 1973. Why do pro-abortionists believe the right to life does not extend to the unborn? Life does not begin at birth it begins at conception. We should be concerned that many are still debating when a fetus becomes a living human being so they can abort a child right up to the time of birth. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court didn’t ban abortions; what it did is turn over authority to the individual states to determine who will get access to abortions.

Pro-abortionist lawmakers are already asking for President Biden to call for a national health emergency over this ruling while major corporations are planning to offer employees paid travel to states that approve abortions. I guess that the corporate gurus figured that it will cost them less to offer this travel rather than pay the medical bills for the birthing of a child and have that child added to their healthcare rolls after it’s born. The only thing most corporations ever care about is their bottom line and in this case, it is cheaper to pay for travel than to have another person on their health care rolls.

Politicians in states that favor abortion rights are facing a perplexing problem when it comes to their religious values. Colorado’s Catholic bishops released a letter asking lawmakers who voted “yes” on the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA), confirming the right to an abortion in Colorado under law to refrain from receiving Communion until they confess their mortal sins. We have a President who needs a cheat sheet to talk to a group of union members. How could he possibly understand that the Roe v. Wade decision was not a constitutional right? He called taking away the right to abortion cruel but Joe insists he is a good practicing Catholic, yet he was denied communion at a South Carolina Catholic Church.

You can bet that Pelosi and Schumer are going to play this ruling and the N.Y. gun ruling to the hilt when it comes to the midterm elections but then they really have nothing else to talk about. They along with Joe Biden, Obama’s Puppet have been destroying our economy with high inflation and artificially imposed high energy prices by putting oppressive rules for drilling on oil companies. I listen to the screaming and yelling at the Supreme Court and wonder if they are going to call this an insurrection caused by Trump since he was responsible for seating the 3 new conservative justices.

To be sure, killing the unborn will continue in many liberal states that will still offer abortions, but at least it will not be quite as simple as it was to take a human life before it draws its first breath. We are a country under siege by its own citizens who have moved so far to the left that they have forgotten what America is all about or why it was formed. They forget their history because it is no longer taught in our schools about Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness or about how our forefathers fought and died so we could be free of oppression. The fault lies with us as we spent too much time working to provide for our families and not enough time learning what our children were being taught in government-run public schools. Much of the blame can be placed on us for our intention to what our children were being taught and now we are suffering the consequences of our own ignorance.

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