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Student Protest against Betsy DeVos is a Product of Apathetic Parents

The student protest against Betsy DeVos at the capitol yesterday is nothing more than a product of their parents allowing our education system to be taken over by the government many years ago. Education used to be run locally in a time when parents used to belong to the PTA and attend school board meetings but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen anymore. If you have ever attended a West Ada School Board meeting you would see for yourself that the largest school district in the state has maybe 30 parents who actually show up to see what is going on in their district.

It’s this apathy that has caused the problems we have today and the reason our educational system has been taken over by the progressive left over the past 40 years. When parents start caring again and stop thinking that schools are nothing more than daycare centers, we might be able to take the education of our children back to the local level.

This also comes down to the election of school board members. When we have an election for these positions you have extremely low turnout because the people don’t think it’s important. That is why all too often we get people who are not only unqualified but tend to be establishment crony’s that are not interested in the education of our children as much as they are interested in running the system for political gain.

Charter schools are the best thing to come along in some time and are helpful because they diversify our educational system and allow the freedom of choice which means competition for our current public education system. When you don’t have competition, just like in corporations you don’t have innovation of product and instead keep making the same bad products over and over again. This is in essence what has happened to education in our country.

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If we really want to change the educational system in this country parents have to be willing to get involved again and bring education back to the local level where they can have a say. Until that happens, we are going to be stuck with a government run and controlled education system that will continue to indoctrinate our children with their liberal progressive propaganda.

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