Socialism: Here’s Why Not

Presently two are running for president who are socialists. Therefore it would be well for us to understand that socialism is not the worker’s paradise that some make it out to be.

Since President Obama recently visited Cuba, a socialist/communist country it is a very good example. Writing for The New American Fr. James Thornton had this to say:

Rather than the workers’ paradise Castro claimed it would become, Cuba is a country of enforced universal poverty, a place where workers have little or no chance to improve their economic status, a place where the social mobility of the past is but a dream. Therefore, the dismal state in which most of the Cuban people find themselves is fixed, with no possibility for improvement, as long as communism remains in power. (4-18-2016 P16)

Socialism may sound good but it always leads to tyranny when people do not want to do what the government requires for “equality”.

A great book on the subject is The Road to Serfdom, by F.A. Hayek, an economist who lived much of his life in Germany during the war.

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