Sharon Ullman for District 3 seat on the Ada County Commission

We do not exist to serve our government. Our government exists to serve us. Many of our elected officials have forgotten this fact.

My name is Sharon Ullman and I am running for the District 3 seat on the Ada County Commission against an incumbent. The district number is determined by one’s address but this is a countywide race. Anyone who lives in Ada County and votes in the Republican Primary Election on May 17 will be able to help with our effort to take back our government.

Government at all levels seems to have an insatiable appetite for spending OUR money. It is time, in Ada County, to again have a servant leader who brings the citizens’ view to the Commission. With your support, I will again be that commissioner.

The people deserve to have elected officials who do their homework, know the facts, and make decisions based on the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions, and what is in the best interest of the community, not cronyism, lack of insight, political favors or even political fear.

During my second term as a commissioner, in four years, the tax portion of the Ada County budget increased a grand total of $3.12 million – just 3.66 percent, the amount generated by new construction.

In the three years since I have been off the Commission, the tax portion of the Ada County budget has increased a whopping $20.93 MILLION – 23.66 percent!

Ada County was in excellent financial shape when I left office:

  • The county’s bills were paid and our legal obligations were fulfilled,
  • The county carried forward 25 million unspent dollars from FY 2013 into the following year’s budget; and, in addition,
  • The county had over $30 million saved to pay off courthouse bonds.

For more information, please see or our campaign Facebook page, at Thank you for your support.

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