The ‘small things’ really do matter when voting

I have been asked many times “Why are you running against Eric Redman? He is doing a good job.” Well, he is doing well on the high profile issues like permitless carry, traditional marriage, religious liberty, and protecting the unborn. However, when it comes to the issues that really hit close to home, but are not on the radar, he consistently strikes out. This is not just on the bills that make it to the house floor it is also his votes in the committees that he sits on.

In the 2015 session, he voted to raise the vehicle registration fees by as much as 89.5% and to add a $75 special fee for hybrid vehicles and a $140 fee for electric vehicles (HO312a). Actually, motorcycle fees went up over 100%, from $9 per year, to $19 per year. He voted to trample liberty and require sign language interpreters to be licensed (HB152) and attend certain schools. He voted for new licensing requirements for genetic counselors (SB1080), and a bill that restricted alternative healthcare practitioners from performing procedures that they have been doing for decades (HO181a). He voted to remove parental control over whether or not their minor child can use a tanning bed (HO177). Truthfully, if the bill grew government, appropriated taxpayer money, or restricted liberty, he voted for it.

In the 2016 session, he continued to vote to expand Obamacare to cover the so-called “gap population” of “underserved” patients (HO644). He voted for SB1318 which requires appraisal management companies to register with the real estate board and meet certain requirements to satisfy Fannie MAE and Freddie MAC. He voted to create new boards for “school safety and security” (HO514) and for “damage prevention for underground facilities” (HO454). Do we really need more boards sucking up precious taxpayer provided dollars? Can’t these areas of concern be addressed by existing boards or committees? He voted to lower the age of children that pharmacists can give vaccinations to from 12 years to 6 years (SB1294). Voting against this bill were local Senators Steve Vick, Mary Souza and Sheryl Nuxoll. On the house side, Representatives Vito Barbieri, Don Cheatham, Sage Dixon, Shannon McMillan, Ron Mendive, Heather Scott, and Kathy Sims were among those voting against this bill.

I will stand and fight for the rights of the unborn children. I will fight for traditional marriage and religious liberty. I will fight for our right to keep and bear arms. On these issues, we agree. However, I will also fight against government overreach at all levels. I will fight for smaller government and for individual freedoms so that Idahoans can truly have liberty and justice. I ask you to please vote for Alan Littlejohn for State Representative, District 2B on May 17th. Thank you.

(Alan Littlejohn lives in Athol with his wife, Linda and their son Cody and daughter Rachael on a small ranch. He is a retired fire captain and is running for State Representative, District 2B against the incumbent, Eric Redman.)

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