Shawn Keough, Repentant Sinner or Frightened Legislator

Shawn is trying to take back a bad decision made by her and the other RINOs in the legislature to put more tax burdens on the taxpayers who could least afford the gas tax hike and registration fee hikes passed last year. It’s time for the voters of Dist. 1 to retire Shawn Keough before she gets another opportunity to do any more damage to Idaho’s citizens.

As we suspected, the legislators who voted indiscriminately for a hike in the gas tax and registration fees in a midnight session are now wondering if there will be retribution at the polls in the May primary. Shawn Keogh is only going to have one opponent in the May primary, thanks to Danielle Aherns being the true leader that she is and throwing her support behind Glenn Roher. To be sure, Keogh should be worried that her past voting record, which has been more liberal than most Democratic legislators, will be coming back to haunt her. If you remember this gasoline tax and registration fee hikes started off as a tax reform package introduced in the house by Rep. Mike Moyle R. Dist 14. Our legislators under pressure from our Governor “Higher Taxes Butch” and leadership dumped the important part of the package which was the elimination of the regressive grocery tax and the income tax reduction leaving again more pressure on the lower and middle income citizens of Idaho by raising the tax on gasoline and registration fees. Now they are looking in the rear view mirror seeing how much political capital it has cost them and are trying to reverse the tiniest portion of this legislation which in essence gives no real tax relief to anyone.

This is no different than the tax package discussed this year which essentially gives the little guy the crumbs and the elite and corporations the steak dinner. Read our story here.

It’s time to send a message this May to those legislators who indiscriminately raise taxes and forget that they work for the citizens of Idaho and not the corporations that fund their campaigns each election cycle. Before you go to the polls, take a close look at how your representatives voted in this and the last legislative session than judge them as you’re pulling the lever or filling in the square at the voting booth this May.

Go to the Idaho Freedom Foundation Voting Index to check your representatives voting record here.

Records for 2015

Current records for 2016

The numbers speak for themselves, Shawn Keough was 5th from the bottom in the 2015 Freedom Index scoring a -62 which measures pro free market and freedom oriented voting. Only three Democrats and one Republican, Dean Cameron, were worse. Voters should tell Shawn Keough that her services are no longer needed by voting her out in the May primary election. We need citizen legislators who work for the people not “Professional Politicians” who work for the corporate lobbyists to get reelected.

Always Remember
“We Get the Government We Deserve”