It will take more than the Freedom Caucus

Congressman Labrador is on target when he talks about our biggest problem being the $19 trillion in national debt and the fact that when we look at cutting budgets we have to look no only at bloated social programs but at bloated military programs as well. We have had 24 years of one hand washing the other. The Democrats introduce another social program and Republicans say ok but we want more for the military or some other subsidy. It is an endless cycle of higher cost with no cuts and the only ones getting rich are the corporate lobbyists. We need to break that cycle.

It’s time for true conservatives to not just talk the talk but to walk the walk. We hear way too much rhetoric from this caucus and not enough action. You need to grow your group and sequester some of the moderates back into your group. As far as many conservatives are concerned Paul Ryan is just another John Boehner without a tan. If you can’t see by now looking at the front runners in this Presidential race that the people want elected officials who will buck the system and stop the cronyism than you need a new pair of glasses. We are tired of the promises made and broken for the past 24 years by Clinton, Bush and Obama. Bad trade deals that have made money for the corporations who have taken their jobs out of country, along with bad social policies like Obamacare, and allowing illegal immigration to flourish by leaving our borders unprotected which is paralyzing income and job growth for all Americans.

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Everyone wants a strong military but not at the cost of continuing deficits which can never be repaid and will eventually cripple our economy and our ability to pay for the social programs promised by our government and paid for in advance by the recipients. It’s time to dump the lobbyists and send them home as they are the biggest problem with getting our country back to basics. We have too many special interest groups plying our legislators with campaign contributions and expecting a return on their investment which we the taxpayers wind up paying for.

If this sounds a bit like Trump, Cruz or Carson speaking it is because these are the things they are saying and this is what the citizens of America want to see happen. The establishment in being disenfranchised by the voters in this election cycle and they don’t like it one bit. They see an end to the gravy train and possibly to some of their long careers of talking out of both sides of their mouths. The silent majority will speak this November on Election Day as they haven’t for years and I only hope and pray this will be the turning point for America to be great again.

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