Mother America…the Shabby Shepherd

It occurred to me in a lightbulb moment, that my taxes over fifty years of income earning have been re-directed first to two segments of America: 1) 568 tribal governments representing less than 1 million Americans; and 2) 11 million+ illegal immigrants. Taxpayers (Givers) don’t even get a thank-you note for annually funding these Takers. What’s left of my taxes is dispersed among 320 million Americans.

Yes, we’ve all elected folks to represent us who have created a system of gladly giving to others in “need,” but whether they support or oppose such policies truly doesn’t matter. It’s the entrenched bureaucrats and administrative fiat that rules the day in this country. Presidents come and go, congressmen come and go, but elitist bureaucrats in hundreds of federal agencies rule the day ad infinitum.

Mother America is that noble woman who will give the last of her breastmilk to the children until she succumbs. Today’s dramatic shift to socialism, communism, and sharia law in the United States has Mother America near her last breaths.

Born in the 1940’s I was raised in a middle-class value system that demanded I learn to stand on my own two feet, soldier-on no matter what, and be ever mindful of the needs of those who have no feet. My fellow Americans, including Indians, have feet and should be standing on their own. Likewise, illegal immigrants have feet that can carry them through the legal process that naturalized Americans have followed for centuries.

The last few decades in this country have shifted the duty and honor of individual responsibility to artificial pseudo-rights and entitlements for those with feet of their own who insatiably demand America’s breastmilk from others. As Margaret Thatcher said, “Socialism works well until you run out of other people’s money.” The diminishment and demise of America’s middle class result directly from their taxes (“other people’s money”) going to everyone and everywhere else, here in America and across the Globe.

Far afield from the logic and functionality of our U.S. Constitution, America is now running on rampant and unchecked emotion. Somehow, enough of us had the wherewithal to elect a leader to serve as a tending physician to Mother America’s failing health. The Takers across the country are literally screaming Bloody Murder and would have this Healer crucified. If that should happen, Mother America dies with him.

Today’s political condition in our country reminds me of a poem I wrote many years ago that could easily be our country’s condition today:

Shabby Shepherd…

shabby shepherd, tend yourself
your flock has sickened
and diseased.
their pain will suckle
your serenity,
you’ll become
displeased with them.
will pursue you.

your rage will try
to force a discipline
and order
‘midst the lambs
that daily weaken
in your view and
at your feet.

you mustn’t shout at sickness
nor scream at inabilities…
you’ll have no strength
to meet your own needs
when ungodly germs
of the frantic flock
infest your misfit
shepherd’s frock
and no lamb of love heeds
your painful situation.

shepherd, see me weep for you –
I sit on higher hill
and am saddened at the view
there is nothing
I can do…
but whisper
prayerful wishes
that you’ll sense
an urgency
to flee
from hidden carnivores
that feast upon your
open sores…

without warning
you’ll become
as disgusting
and discouraging
as the
sheep you need to tend,
who can no longer
help themselves…

and adoration
for their Master

will not

— Elaine

The comfort I take these days is looking back through America’s history at more difficult times we survived. We forged a government founded on freedom, individual liberty, and responsibility through the Revolutionary War. We barely survived ourselves as a country through the Civil War. We took on foreign causes at a horrendous cost of American lives through World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, and the current Middle Eastern conflicts rooted in perpetual Jihad that started in 600 AD. We’ve come through all this.

Somehow, I must believe that this country can withstand and reverse the onslaught of socialism, communism, global elitists and the One World Order game. We have a leader to show us the way. We have unmuzzled ourselves by no longer abiding political correctness.

Now it is time for the house-cleaning. We must first secure the country’s borders, and demand compliance with current and future immigration laws and policies. We must remove elected officials neglecting their Oaths, conduct exhaustive administrative regulation reform, and cut off America’s breastmilk to those who are not American citizens, and/or who have feet of their own. Individual freedom, responsibility, and achievement need to become honored and expected again. Once past our infancies, Americans should be standing fully weaned and moving lives forward. Whining and demanding deserves ridicule, not reward.

Silence and inaction cannot continue. I pray constantly for Mother America and her weakened flock. We can and must recover.

Gem State Patriot News