Did Idaho Legislators Sell Out to Pharmaceutical Companies?

No matter what your personal beliefs on the effectiveness of vaccines, I want to raise awareness of Big Pharma’s influence on dissolving our nation’s most valuable founding principle: FREEDOM. It is happening right here in Idaho, right now.

On January 10th, the Idaho House Health & Welfare Committee voted in a 7-6 decision to allow an executive agency “rule” (a.k.a. regulation) become law. The pending rule will require that 12th-grade “students” receive the Meningococcal vaccine. Rules promulgated by agencies do not have to obtain a majority vote of the legislature. They become law unless both houses reject them.

Rules are supposed to be instated based on a prior year’s legislation, yet this one is not based on any former legislation. The agency took it under its own authority to circumvent the legislative process to create a new law.

In September, the Idaho State Department of Health and Welfare, one of about 250 state agencies, initially published the rule and held a public hearing. The CDC added the Meningococcal vaccine to the schedule in 2012 even though serious questions about its safety remain unanswered. It is slowly being added to state vaccine schedules for children across the United States. Big Pharma testified in favor of the rule and flew in proponents with horrible personal stories about the effects of Meningitis.

At the public hearing, concerned parents countered Big Pharma’s testimonies with the premise that the government shouldn’t be in the business of mandating prescriptions. They believe parents should be able to make healthcare decisions for their families—a principle of individual freedom. Big Pharma medical puppets argued that parents still have a legal option to file for an exemption, but just last year, those same medical “professionals” attempted to remove that option through nationwide lobbying efforts to eliminate state exemptions. So far they have been successful in California, West Virginia and Mississippi. But pointing to the existence of a currently available parental exemption is only a red herring to distract from the new rule’s additional changes.

The CDC also has a vaccine schedule for adults aged 19 through 26. Earlier this year, several colleges identified outbreaks of the B strain of Meningitis. The CDC recommends that anyone at risk of being exposed should get vaccinated. Wouldn’t it be safer for the collective if college students were vaccinated, like children, in accordance with the CDC’s schedule?

Author J.B. Handley gave Idaho legislators his newly published book with this interesting information about the vaccine industry. In 1962 the CDC schedule recommended 3 childhood vaccines by age 5; in 1983 the schedule recommended 10; there are now 38. The average cost to completely vaccinate a child is $2,192. Big Pharma is working feverishly to find ways to increase vaccinations for people over the age of 18 since a single vaccine added to the schedule has been known to account up to a $2 billion increase in revenue annually. Recently, Big Pharma advertising has gone up 60% (to $5.2 billion), second only to the automotive industry. Only New Zealand and the US allow drug advertising on TV. The market for vaccines will be worth $60 billion by 2020. Astonishingly, their revenue isn’t affected by vaccine-injured lawsuits because in 1986 Congress gave the vaccine industry blanket indemnity from liability. In 2017 Vaccine Court paid $282 million from taxpayers to vaccine-injured children. Tragic.

How can Big Pharma improve vaccine revenue? A good place to start is with students, college students.

The new rule had some additional changes to the language that warranted a red flag. It excised every instance of the word “child” in the existing vaccination regulation and replaced it with the word “student.”

By changing the word “child” to “student,” they are manipulating the current law that requires school-aged children from 5 to 18 to get vaccinated, quietly expanding it to include students up to the age of 21. The legal question arises: can an adult be forced to get a shot? They can at least be led to believe that it is a requirement.

Words matter. Changing one word has the effect of chipping away individual freedom. Are individual rights important, or does the health of the collective trump all rights? In this case, the state government is mandating students be forced to consume a product being pushed by private companies.

This rule is still pending before the Senate Health & Welfare Committee. Since a pending rule has to be rejected by both the Idaho House and Idaho Senate, the rule has technically been adopted. But there is still a small possibility that the Senate Health & Welfare Committee can introduce a resolution to reject the rule later this week.

Please contact your state senator and get a message to the Senate Health & Welfare Committee Chairman, Senator Martin, at (208) 332-1407 or that you want this rule rejected.

Don’t let giant pharmaceutical companies buy laws that benefit their profit margins while eroding our freedoms.

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