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Senator Hagedorn Knows Best about Article V Convention?

In a 5 to 4 vote, Idaho’s Senate panel voted in favor of an Article V constitutional Convention. There were 25 participants who testified before the panel but to no avail, as Senator Hagedorn, the leader of this Rat Pack, said all of his opponents are misinformed, claiming he met with national experts (He never identified who these national experts were). Hagedorn said of those twenty-five participants who testified before the committee that “All of their testimony had nothing to do with this bill.” Wow everyone is misinformed except the illustrious Senator from district 14 who must know more than the people who drove hundreds of miles to have their voice heard. This is what happens folks when we allow our legislators to remain in office too long like this pompous ass Senator.

Those voting in favor of the bill were Senators Marvelous Marv Hagedorn, Brent Hill, Patty Ann Lodge, Todd Lakey and Jeff Siddoway. Voting against were Sens. Davis, Winder, Stennett and Buckner- Webb. Why is it that the public are the ones who are always misinformed and not the legislators? The real question is why have these five senators gotten it wrong and who have they been talking to that convinced them to vote in favor of this Article V convention.

Here we have five supposedly conservative Republican senators who want to use an Article V convention to balance the budget when all we need is to elect legislators who will stop spending money we don’t have. I don’t remember a single time since Butch Otter has been governor of Idaho that any of these senators have come out against increased spending in the state budget yet they all know that we get 35% of our state budget from the Feds. So these five senators want to balance the Federal budget but continue to get the 35% of our state budget from the feds. Have you ever heard of anything so asinine in your entire life?

Would someone please stand up and say no more stupidity and let’s not elect any more dumb legislators like these five. I don’t know about you but this really makes my hair stand on end. We need to start thinking about who we are voting for in the next election, 2018 and make sure that none of these five senators get into office again.

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Please keep in mind that Senator Hagedorn is a candidate for Lt. Governor. I’m sure the citizens of Idaho would appreciate if someone, anyone run against him in 2018. The last thing we need is another know it all in the administrative branch.

Remember: “We Get the Government We Deserve.”

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