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Senate Moves to Restrict Idahoans’ Constitutional Choice of Medical Care

The Senate State Affairs committee today voted to restrict your choice in medical care by approving SB 1182 regarding amending section 16-1627, of Idaho code, to revise a provision regarding treatment by prayer through spiritual means. Here is a link to read the bill.

The five senators who voted to bring this bill to the floor for a vote should all take a makeup class in reading comprehension. The way this bill is worded could take away your freedom of choice in medicine and restrict your choices as a parent to care for your child, rights protected by the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions.

This bill has serious wording problems and we are still trying to figure out why five of our Senators voted in favor of it. It is also highly troubling that a very slim majority on the panel voted for SB1182 after receiving unanimous public testimony AGAINST the bill in Monday’s hearing.

If this Idaho code is changed with the wording in this bill it will give the powerful lobbyists for the Medical Mafia in Idaho a lock on what your choices are when it comes to decisions in medical care for you and your children. Disagreements with a hospital staff as to what treatment will be provided to your child may even threaten your custody of that sick son or daughter.

There are several states that have changed their code and what has happened to its citizens’ choices is appalling to say the least. It has come down to health freedom, parental choice and who really is in charge of your child’s welfare. We cite a case of Abraham Cherrix which should send a deep chill through the heart of every parent in Idaho. After being treated with chemo for three months in 2005 for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Abraham rejected his doctor’s recommendation to go through a second round of chemotherapy. He chose instead to seek out more natural, nontoxic methods using alternative medicine.

Abraham and his father traveled to Mexico to the Bio-Medical Center where he was treated with herbal supplements and a sugar-free organic diet consisting of fruits and vegetables. When they returned home they spoke to Abraham’s oncologist to keep her involved with his care. The Oncologist was disdainful of their decision to treat Abraham naturally, labeled it medical neglect and called in the Department of Social Services who within days were awarded partial custody, with a judge ruling Abraham’s parents were neglectful. The parents were ordered to take their child to the hospital and sign papers authorizing treatment that the medical professionals deemed appropriate “Chemotherapy”. If they refused they would lose custody of Abraham and put their 4 other children at risk of being taken.

This case caught the attention of the national media because it begs the question of every parent, Who really has control over my children? “How did we get to the place where doctors, judges and social workers have more rights than parents over the healthcare decisions of my child?” The Cherrix case is one in a series of medical travesties where judges, doctors and the State have forced medical treatments on children against the concerns of their parents. The State claims they are looking out for the welfare of the child yet the parents and the child don’t want their help. Evidently, the state does not think they are competent enough to make the right choices.

When we start tampering with the rights of parents or the rights of individuals to make these types of choices this is an abrogation of our God given right to choose as parents and even as children what is best for us and that is just what the wording of this bill does. We already have seen the liberal interpretations of the law by our liberal judiciary since President Obama was in office for 8 years as he appointed hundreds of them throughout our country. When our legislature writes and approves bills such as this one, they take a dangerous path of allowing more government intrusion into our personal lives, which could mean a life or death decision. I don’t know about you but I sure don’t want the State making life and death decisions about me or my children. Heck, they can’t even decide how to spend our tax money efficiently so why would we want to give them even more power over our lives.

This bill should also pique the interest of Practitioner’s in the fields of Complimentary, Functional, Alternative and Holistic medicine as it could be interpreted in a way that would restrict you to the use of only allopathic (conventional doctors) and medicines approved by government agencies. Wouldn’t that give the conventional medicine lobbyists a great deal? Finally, they would have a true monopoly on all medicine in Idaho as once the first ruling by a liberal judge restricts your freedom of choice people would be fearful of using these practitioners of natural medicine.

SB1182 is now on the Senate Floor, awaiting hurried, clandestine action in the waning hours of the 2017 Session. No doubt this is a deliberate attempt to overwhelm Idaho citizens before they can find out what their legislators may be up to.

If you care at all about your children and your rights as parents you must call your State Senators and Representatives right now and tell them to vote no on this bill because if you don’t you are giving up your rights as a parent to the State. Once you do that there is no telling how far they will go to enforce this change in the law ripping away another of our constitutional rights. It’s your choice. Be silent and have your rights taken away or speak up and protect your rights as parents for the sake of your children. I would also ask all Complimentary, Functional and alternative or natural medicine practitioners to e-mail their clients and make them aware of what this bill could mean to their future medical care. Make them rewrite this bill or vote it down. It’s that simple. You can go to this website to find out how to contact the legislators who represent you.

“We get the Government We Deserve”.