Democrats are the Birthers Now

This would be really funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous and hypocritical. For eight long years, Democrats called anyone on the right who questioned Obama’s birth or background a terrible name, “Birther.”

I’ve never been a “birther” in my life. Not for even one minute. During Obama’s eight years in office, I made over 10,000 media appearances and I never brought up Obama’s birth once, nor ever made the case that he wasn’t born in America.

Yet liberal journalists and TV hosts falsely labeled me a “birther” anyway. Any conservative who questioned any aspect of Obama’s agenda was labeled and libeled as a (gasp) “birther.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Guess who the birthers are now? Liberal Democrats.

The unhinged looney left is questioning everything about Trump’s past, present, and future- no matter how bizarre, inconsequential or just plain stupid.

First, liberals should be labeled as “TAXERS.”

Liberal Democrats have screamed nonstop from the highest mountains for months about Trump’s taxes. Why? They claimed it was because President Trump never released his tax returns, so they had every right to call him a tax cheat. But to quote the definition set by that liberal journalist (and hypocrite) in Nevada, isn’t that questioning the background of the president? That makes liberals TAXERS.

And hasn’t this insane, over-the-top, liberal attack on Trump’s taxes (and before that Mitt Romney’s taxes) proven every so-called “Obama birther” justified? After all, if Trump didn’t release his taxes and that gave liberals every right to question his taxes and call him terrible names, weren’t conservatives equally justified to question Obama’s birth because he refused to release his birth certificate for so long?

Why is it different? If Obama had bothered to answer his critics from the start by releasing his birth certificate, no conservative would have ever made it an issue.

When Obama did finally- under massive pressure, release his birth certificate, what did liberals say? They called so-called “birthers” all kinds of bad names. They were labeled as jokes, idiots, buffoons, conspiracy theorists and of course, “racists.

But didn’t President Trump just destroy liberal critics who made up all kinds of conspiracy theories about his tax returns? Rachel Maddow played the role of Geraldo and opened Al Capone’s vault to find…nothing. Trump paid $38 million in taxes- in one year! And…he paid a higher percentage in taxes than Obama, Bernie Sanders, Warren Buffett…and I’m sure Rachel Maddow too.

Doesn’t this make Maddow a “TAXER” and conspiracy theorist?

Funny, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, I don’t hear the liberal media labeling these “taxers” with all kinds of terrible names, now that Trump has proven them wrong. I guess that’s because the media are all “taxers” themselves!

By the way, let’s all demand to see Rachel Maddow’s tax returns for the past ten years. In the words of Harry Reid, “Someone whispered to me that Rachel Maddow is a tax cheat. Now she must respond, or I guess it’s true.”

Secondly, liberals should be labeled as “RUSHERS.”

How about this insane Russian conspiracy theory espoused by every Democrat in the world? They all insist Russia hacked the presidential election and Trump must have colluded in these crimes with Putin.

Well actually…no.

There isn’t a shred of evidence that Russia actually influenced the election.

Nor is it fact that Russia was even the hacker. The latest Wikileaks dump proves that our own CIA is flawless at hacking anyone or anything, and then blaming it on Russia. This is their expertise in life. So, how could any Democrat know with certainty who actually hacked Hillary?

Finally, even if Russia was responsible for the hacking, there isn’t a shred of evidence that Trump had anything to do with it. As a matter of fact, the top Congressman studying the case just admitted the only crime committed was by the government bureaucrat who leaked General Flynn’s private conversation with the Russians.

See: Intel Chair: “No Collusion Between Trump and Russia… Leak Is The Only Crime

So, aren’t liberal Democrat leaders who keep blaming their election loss on Russian hacking all “conspiracy theorists”? And shouldn’t they be labeled with a birther-like name? Aren’t they all “RUSHERS?”

It’s amazing, isn’t it? Turnabout is fair play. The entire Democrat Party has become crazed conspiracy theorists. They are all questioning the background of our President based on rumors, guesses, innuendo, and libel.

The Democrat Party is nothing but a bunch of “birthers.” “TAXERS” and “RUSHERS.” Sad, but true.

And funny as hell.