The Seeds of Slavery

We see the wanton destruction of national sovereignty around the globe. American borders are failing by inaction by our legislators and lack of will by the citizens.

“How does this happen?” we ask. We have not arrived at this stage without a deliberate plan being enacted for a long period of time. But why could we not see this happening?

We have watched as the media, NGOs, and extra government agencies have incrementally sculpted a New World Order right in plain view. We have our opinions maneuvered to allow these changes to be brought forward and become acceptable, piece by piece.

We see regionalization being attempted even at our local levels. Public safety is being merged and local control is lost to unaccountable, unelected taxing district administrators. Our public servants are mostly all unionized and earn multiples of what the average tax payer earns. Then add in that in some counties, the majority of voters work for these taxing districts since they are the largest employers. So we again have our employees voting themselves raises and benefits just like the US Congress. All this is unsustainable, because at some point, in the near future, the taxpayers cannot afford their property taxes any longer. Why are these people so greedy?

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We see the attempted merging of our utilities with other states and countries in the Avista-HydroOne sale. We see our local planners trying to regulate the use and value of our property by convincing gullible people to place their property in trusts and other encumbrances to the detriment of the remaining taxpayers. All these machinations do not happen in a vacuum, they are bricks in a wall being erected around each tax-paying citizen. We must all take off the blinders, organize with like-minded people that value liberty and be willing to speak out, get involved, contribute your time and money to stop the march to tax slavery we are on. Seek out organizations such as John Birch Society, Northwest Property Owners Association, Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) and Avista Customer Group.

We are in a fight with large, well-funded organizations and individuals. There is strength in numbers and commitment to the cause of our Liberty.

BE the patriot your ancestors were, all is not lost as long as we still draw breath.


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