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SB 1067: Comments from Dale Pearce

These comments are written in response to this article.

Our intent in opposing this bill on the international-dead-beat-dads is that the bill originated out of The Hague, the UN headquarters for The International Criminal Court. Of course those judges know quite a lot about global law that seeps out of the 192 nations, kingdoms, potentates, emirs, caliphates, and dictators that comprise the United Nations.

When Idaho becomes a state signatory to this convention. We agree to live by their edicts. Idaho cannot alter or challenge any part of this convention, The Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance was concluded at The Hague on November 23, 2007. The law stipulates that no tribunal of this state may review or challenge any part of this order.

This convention supersedes the Idaho and U.S. Constitution. This requires that our state legislators acquiesce or abrogate their oath of office to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.

The question arises about Muslim states using this convention to file suit against non-Muslim states to force compliance with Sharia law on Muslim children living in non-Muslim states.

If the convention decides non-Muslim states must comply with Sharia Law then a “registered convention support order” sent to Idaho can “not review the merits of the order” in any tribunal.

This strays far from US Constitutional law. For Idaho legislators to not refute this control over America’s rule of law…means we may find ourselves in a very rough emergency legislative session. If one is called by our governor.

The intent seems to discredit any who may oppose this convention by hurling names at them such as kooks, wackos, extremists, and not answering any of the myriad concerns or legitimate questions we have. Now they’re labeling legislators enemies of single mom’s and dependent children. Can any legislator withstand such repudiation?

What would you do as an Idaho legislator? Would you acquiesce to media pressure and the emotion of the moment that something must be done to keep welfare entitlements flowing to the most vulnerable of our society?

Or would you quietly draw a line in the sand and reaffirm your oath that no one can cajole or talk you into allowing a foreign entity to assume power and control over America’s laws?

We each need to take some part in this issue. We all have a dog in this fight.

— Dale Pearce
Nampa, Idaho

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