Rinos Run Wild at the State House Rotunda

Once again Idaho’s legislators have proven beyond a doubt that Idaho is the bluest of the red states with the largest herd of RINO’s in the country stampeding under our State House Rotunda. With a vote of 49 to 21 in the house and 33 to 2 in the senate on bill HB1 formally SB1067, it should tell the people of Idaho it’s time to elect some new legislators.

This state is under the control of a group of legislators in leadership that are leaning so far to the left it makes me think I’m living back in the Nanny State of N.Y. They no longer understand when they are breaking their constitutional oaths of office.

You have to admit I was right about my prediction of this special session. The RINOS voted true to form and once again gave up our rights as a sovereign state.

Mr. Armstrong should be sent the bill for this special legislative session along with the governor and the press. They put out so much bad information about this bill it is a wonder anyone understood what it was about. To be honest he should be fired, but then this administration never fires anyone because they can’t do their job, they just promote them and give them a raise. All you have to do is look at Teresa Luna who is still at work collecting over $95.000 a year of our tax money.

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I did have an opportunity to speak for three minutes and just as I finished Chairman Pattie Ann Lodge asked if I had read Senator Crapo’s comments this morning. I said I hadn’t and in an attempt to embarrass me she proceeded to read them. Unfortunately Pattie Ann should have been the one who was embarrassed since those comments were nowhere to be found in the public eye since they were just published 25 minutes ago on the Spokesman-Review site “Eye on Boise” by Betsy Russell. It would not surprise me if Russell sent a text to Lodge giving her that story she just posted. It shows you how the liberal media will work with our liberal legislators to tear down conservatives.

Senator Lodge appeared to be a bit upset by the fact that she had to spend her day doing the people’s business and was continually trying to hurry up the meeting. She went so far as to tell committee members that they should ask no more than 2 questions of each speaker. The mantra of the leadership of this committee was push the meeting to a rapid conclusion so they could take a vote which they already had in their pocket.

Unfortunately this bill was not about child support, it was about our state sovereignty and unfortunately a good many of our legislators don’t care about state sovereignty, and I would doubt if many of them even understand what it is.

Representative Heather Scott summed it up best when she said “This special session is the product of the federal government telling Idaho what to do, when to do it and when it needs to be done. When the federal government demands obedience and we submit, Idaho’s sovereignty is once again weakened and the tactic will likely be used again.” We would like to personally congratulate her and Ron Nate for their courage at this hearing and standing up for the people of Idaho.

Below you will find a list of the legislators and how they voted on the Child Support Bill.

If you have a minute you might want to call or e-mail them and thank those that voted against the bill. Then give a phone call or e-mail and let those that voted for it know how upset you are and will revisit the subject in the 2016 election.


Rules Suspended: Ayes 69 Nays 0 Abs/Excd 1, read three times – PASSED – 49-21-0
AYES — Anderson, Anderst, Bateman, Bell, Beyeler, Burtenshaw, Chaney, Chew, Clow(Stone), Collins, Crane, Dayley, DeMordaunt(DeMordaunt), Erpelding, Gannon(King), Gibbs, Hartgen, Hixon, Horman, Jordan, Kauffman, Kerby, King, Kloc, Loertscher, Luker, Malek, McCrostie, McDonald, Nye, Packer, Pence, Perry, Raybould, Romrell, Rubel, Rudolph, Rusche, Smith, Thompson, Troy, Trujillo, VanOrden, Vander Woude, Wills, Wintrow, Wood, Youngblood, Mr. Speaker
NAYS — Andrus, Barbieri, Batt, Boyle, Cheatham, Dixon, Gestrin, Harris, Holtzclaw, McMillan, Mendive, Miller, Monks, Moyle, Nate, Nielsen, Palmer, Redman, Scott, Shepherd, Sims


Rules Suspended (2/3 Vote – Read in full as required) – PASSED – 33-2-0
AYES — Bair, Bayer, Brackett, Buckner-Webb, Burgoyne, Cameron, Davis, Den Hartog, Guthrie, Hagedorn, Heider, Hill, Johnson, Jordan, Keough, Lacey, Lakey, Lee, Lodge, Martin, McKenzie, Mortimer, Nonini, Patrick, Rice, Schmidt, Siddoway, Souza, Stennett, Thayn, Tippets, Ward-Engelking, Winder
NAYS — Nuxoll, Regan for (Vick)

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