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RINOs on the Loose in the Idaho Legislature

We the people of Idaho would like to send Senator Fred Martin, the RINO from District 15 in Boise, a message like the one he sent us by refusing to hold a hearing on HB 133.

This bill would require school districts to inform the parents of school-age children that they have a right to opt out of immunizations. As it stands now, most school districts make it sound like immunizations are a requirement for your children to attend public schools, but nothing could be further from the truth. Fred has told us he does not care about parental rights and does not want to go against the medical mafia in Idaho that purchases our legislators with campaign contributions.

Could it be that perhaps Senator Martin is leaning ever further left because his district is slowly turning more Democrat, leaving him with not so large of a majority for the next election? District 15 has been a swing district for some time and Martin seems to believe that if he wants to stay in office, he is going to have to pony up to the democrats in his district to be reelected. We believe this is the case and we suggest that the Senator wake up as we are hearing there is sure to be a republican challenger in the next primary.

The voters of District 15 have put up with Senator Martin’s liberal policies and tactics for the past four terms, and it is long past time that he either conform to our conservative values or be challenged in the next primary to eliminate our legislature of this runaway RINO. We will do all in our power to show the citizens of District 15 that this is the last time this long-in-the-tooth legislator should be elected to public office. We would be happy to see anyone who is conservative run against the left-leaning senator. If you might be interested, please get in touch with us. We would love to talk to you.

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Martin is not the only committee chairman holding bills hostage, however. Representative Steven Harris of District 21, now in his fourth term, has chosen to deny the citizens of Idaho the opportunity to hear and pass a bill (HB 203) that would protect our children and classrooms from wandering marauders looking for easy prey.

Since when is a “Gun Free Zone” sign better than a teacher trained to handle a firearm who is willing and able to protect our children? Why is it that the Representative from District 21 hasn’t learned from the experiences of other schools in other states that signs that say “Gun Free Zone” only serve as an open invitation for a would-be shooter to do harm to our children? Rep. Harris evidently doesn’t see the importance of giving a public hearing to this bill that is so crucial to the protection of our children.

Unfortunately, we have a number of these RINOs in office, and it is high time that they were replaced with some real conservative legislators. These 4-, 5-, and 6-term legislators have gotten used to being on the lobbyist’s campaign payroll and they don’t want to get off the gravy train. We encourage the voters in District 15 to contact Sen. Martin and those in District 21 to contact Rep. Harris and ask them why they will not give these bills a public hearing.

Please send us your comments to these legislators as well so we can publish them in the Gem State Patriot. You can email your comments to

You can reach Sen. Martin at the capitol at 208-332-1407 or at his home at 208-447-9000. You can also email him at Rep. Harris can be reached at the capitol at 208-332-1043 and at his home at 208-861-8638 or by e-mail at

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