Reply to U.S. Senator Crapo on His Pro-TPA Vote

Gem State Patriot readers: FYI, this is what I just sent back to Senator Crapo because he just voted for Obama’s TPA in committee on Wednesday. Crapo Supports Changes To Trade Bill. (see my comments below.)

I encourage you to send something to him, Risch, Simpson and Labrador. This is about nothing less than the very survival of our republic at the hands of very devious people who want to make us a member state of a world government run by unaccountable, unelected, power driven global elitists who know best for everybody about everything. It has next to nothing to do with real fair, balanced trade.

Senator Crapo’s email to me on this included long lists of supporters made up of large corporations and organizations that are certainly meant to impress. Interestingly, when we recently challenged a similar list of names on a Goldwater Institute list of supporters for the Con-Con issue challenging two names in the list, we found out neither of them were on board as supporters (The Idaho Freedom Foundation and The Republican Liberty Caucus). And those were the only two names we were quite familiar enough with to challenge. You can bet that most of those authorized to be listed as supporters on that list have been swayed through deceitful lies and possibly financially. ‘Trade Promotion Authority: Another Rush Job on Fast Track’ should be read by everybody who wants a clear understanding of this most important threatening issue to our continuance as a sovereign republic as well as just our economic survival as a people that likes to eat. Also see: Obama-GOP “Trade” Scheme Includes “Unrestricted Immigration.”


Senator Crapo,

Thank you for the courtesy of your email message on your unfortunate acquiescence to Obamas TPA demands and your sorry leadership’s direction.

TPA is Un-Constitutional!

It is totally the Constitutional responsibility of Congress to negotiate trade! “The “commerce clause” of the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3) bestows upon Congress, not the president, the power “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations.” However, for the past several years, the Obama administration has been cobbling together the TPP and TTIP in secret, with representatives of major corporate and banking interests, along with privileged “stakeholders” from think tanks, labor unions, and environmental NGOs. The administration has repeatedly rebuffed requests from elected members of Congress — from both parties — for access to the texts of the agreements, all the while proclaiming that the TPP/TTIP process is proceeding under “maximum transparency.

“The constitutional imperative for Congress to resist this usurpation by the White House of its commerce powers is all the more urgent since both the TPP and TTIP are far more than trade agreements. In fact, it is disingenuous to refer to them as such, since it misdirects attention from the fact that these are political and economic “integration” schemes aimed at undermining national sovereignty in favor of “international governance.” William F. Jasper, senior editor of The New American magazine

What it the real motive for illegally surrendering that important and delicate responsibility stated so clearly in the Constitution? “At the 2012 summit of the G20 Leading Economies in Los Cabos, Mexico, then-Mexican President Felipe Calderón described the TPP as “one of the free trade initiatives that’s most ambitious in the world” and one that would “foster integration of the Asia Pacific region, one of the regions with the greatest dynamism in the world.”

“That word integration is pregnant with meaning for committed globalists. World Bank economist Dominic Ruiz Devesa has approvingly noted that the TTIP objective is total “integration” of the United States and the European Union, not merely economic and trade cooperation. “Transatlantic economic integration, though important in itself, is not the end,” says Dr Devesa. Rather, he claims, “economic integration must and will lead to political integration, since an integrated market requires common institutions producing common rules to govern it.”

“That is precisely the subversive process that has been used in Europe, over the past six decades, to incrementally undermine the national sovereignty of the individual EU member states and transfer political and economic power to the Eurocracy in Brussels. Dr. Devesa and other globalist architects and cheerleaders intend to use the new TPP/TTIP “trade” agreements to take the EU process global. The TTIP involves negotiations between the United States and the European Union, which represents 28 member states.” – William F. Jasper, senior editor of The New American magazine

Senator Crapo, furthermore:

IN THE FIRST PLACE: You must not entrust such extremely important matters to an incompetent man such as Obama:

  • A man that cannot be trusted on anything! He’s never seen anything he couldn’t renege on. His word means nothing! And his circle are like minded men.
  • A man that has O negotiating skills: General Motors settlement, ObamaCare, ObamaCare software debacle, Beau Bergdahl, Iran, etc.,
  • A man you really know very little about: Why are documents sealed on his friends, professors, students, school records, etc? What’s his real history and who are his handlers behind the teleprompter? Why does he so strongly demand running the show on negotiations?

IN THE SECOND PLACE: Why should anybody believe our government will follow new laws or amendments you want in your agreement any better than we are not following them presently?

IN THE THIRD PLACE: Why should anybody believe this ‘deceitful program’ could possibly be lawfully and effectively regulated in other countries given the instabilities of our times, the track record of programs like the WTO and NAFTA and the inability to do almost anything correctly by the Obama administration?

LASTLY: This artfully, deceitfully promoted ‘Free Trade’ agenda should actually have to be referred to as the ‘anti-answer‘ to getting America’s commerce back in good health with profits and growth.

The real answer is in Congress ‘Patrioting-Up,’ by refreshing its mindset in tune with the oaths taken to protect and defend the Constitution and to that end diligently begin eliminating most of the laws, amendments, regulations, taxes, agencies and bureaus of really BIG GOV that have been killing our businesses ability to compete with other nations that do not have such financial restraints. Our commerce and dependence on it cannot survive our current course and this deceitful agenda will just hasten that inevitable demise. There are no ‘Magic Pills.’ But there are Poison Pills.

Again, for insightful, concise, wisdom on the truthful realties of this nefarious ‘free trade’ agenda please read the well documented article written by Mr. Jasper, ‘Trade Promotion Authority: Another Rush Job on Fast Track.’ These are facts you can count on because they are from The New American magazine and the John Birch Society!