Rep. Ron Mendive to Speak At Hayden Area Tea Party Wed. Aug 19th @ 6:30

Leader of the newly formed Hayden Area Tea Party, Jim Polzin, is pleased to announce that Idaho State Representative Ron Mendive will be speaking at their meeting on Wednesday, Aug 19th @ 6:30 at the Hayden Library in the large conference room.

Rep. Mendive will be speaking on Education Savings Accounts and the Federal Lands Deal. North Idahoans have been proud of Rep. Mendive’s voting record which has been the best and among the best in our state.

The Hayden Area Tea Party was formed a couple months ago and is the third Tea Party that Jim Polzin has started having created the ones in Sandpoint and Blanchard formerly. Jim is proud to boast that it was at the Blanchard Tea Party where he feels State Representative Heather Scott got her inspiration to get involved in trying to make a difference in our government.

Cookies and coffee will be served.

Open to the public
For further information contact Jim Polzin

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