Idaho No More

Dear Patriots,

I’ve taken sabbatical from the rigors of political rumpus these last few weeks not able to congeal the slop I hear on radio upon occasion to write cognitively about. The respite has felt good even though I’ve grumbled about most everything I’ve heard from the de-Jenner-ation of American society to the political expedience of nothingness. I let it go for a time to heal my troubled soul and reconnect to the ways of old in these lofty mountains of Idaho. But today I can hold on no longer. Our country and our state are in peril and it seems no amount of cussing about it will sooth the torment I feel for coming generations. There is little economic opportunity and almost no local representation that cares to consider our plight when such pockets are full of someone else’s money without the necessity of labor.

I deliver to you my latest lament hoping by some miracle that good will prevail.

In Liberty,

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Idaho is an island archipelagos among a sea of federal territory. In fact almost two thirds of the state is someone else’s ground and when it comes to the decision about what goes on in Idaho just about two thirds of the direction is determined beyond our mostly meaningless border. Who gets what and how much is not a function of free enterprise here in Idaho but rather a collective decision from on high. Play the game right and you might too be eligible for federal grant money, a tax incentive or even a subsidy of some sort be it for production, non-production or health care. No stone has been unturned in this state to find a means to bring all Idahoans to the hog trough of social and financial salvation all her sister states now wallow in.

It seems no amount of study to our glorious history and those underpinnings of individual liberty have anything to do with the unified front of zealous takers and cheats who steer all decisions right down to the very neighbors you will habitate with. I direct your attention to an article that sheds light on the underbelly of the beast that will confer, without regard of local animus, by some unknown extralateral right the ability to undermine the natural process of settlement. This article may help you better understand who is behind the resettlement program that will bring hundreds of Syrian refugees to Twin Falls. Thank you Vicky Davis.

More bad news for Idaho comes from the Senate’s vote today to approve the White Clouds Wilderness Area. Nothing to see here, you in Custer County go on about your further inconsequential and meaningless lives. Custer County is stomping grounds for the rich and famous and with one more jewel in their lofty crown they can play to their hearts content upon lands so far removed from local opportunity that many will be left only to pick up their trash. Not one of our Congressional delegation voted against the affront to economic development in our further economically depressed county. Shame, but what could you expect in Idaho’s federal territories, certainly not representation. There’s more of them than there is of us. No inalienable rights here so move on.

Prepare for hard times my friends. The notion that you have a say in much of anything is just for record keeping. All decisions regarding Idaho’s future lie well beyond our not so well defined boundaries.

The whole sad story here from the Idaho Statesman.

Without much liberty anymore,

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