Rally to End Common Core on the steps of the Idaho Capitol

Dear Friends & Patriots,

I am writing to ask your help in a matter that we all share great concern, the education of our youth. I believe you have all seen the “man on the street” interviews that appall the conscience as to how little Americans know of their history, geography and constitutional founding. The problem is epidemic and a direct consequence of the deterioration of the family, family values and the monopoly of public education.

This trend must change and you can make that change happen no matter how insignificant you may feel against this ominous tide. I am pleased to announce that my dear wife Dorothy and soon to be State Representative has made arrangements for a rally on the Capitol steps this coming January 30th against Common Core. We need you to attend, so please mark your calendar.

Dorothy and I are bringing Dr. Duke Pesta, academic director of Freedom Project Academy, a Live Online School that is Faithfully Educating America to speak at this rally. FPA is Common Core Free, offering individual classes and complete curricula for students in Kindergarten through High School. Dr. Pesta is also a tenured university professor and author.

Dr. Pesta has spent the last few years delivering more than 500 talks around the country, discussing educational reform and Common Core. He is one of the nation’s foremost experts on the federal take-over of public education, testifying before a number of state legislatures. Dr. Pesta’s collective videos and presentations top more than a million views online, and much of his work is available at &

Over the coming weeks ahead I will be sending you information about Dr. Pesta and his online academy. You can make a difference in your children’s education and re-engage them to love learning and to think for themselves rather than indoctrinates of the government’s monopoly.

You may have met Dr. Pesta at the Idaho Liberty Summit in Burley or some of his other speaking events around the state. You can hear him on the recent Fox News report by Brit Hume:

Dr. Pesta is also the source for the following articles that give evidence of the woeful lack of historical context our youth have lost due to the misdirection of historical propaganda passed as fact.

Please share this information with your friends who are concerned about the future of education and what lies ahead for their children. I will be posting on my Facebook page at Darr Moon so please share. I will keep you in the loop and will forward more information about the Capitol rally and what you can do to ensure a Christian value education and love of learning for your children.

In Liberty,
Darr Moon

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