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An Ode to Hillary

Hillary Billary Rodham
As crooked as those in Sodom
Her aide named Huma whose husband a boomer
Took the cast of the cabal to the bottom
With photos in hand of his masculine gland
Sent ladies across this nation
Drew strong irritation and more consternation
Than cooking the books of Foundation
Oh Hillary claimed not to be defamed
By the likes of the media sensation
But the facts don’t decry
An embarrassed FBI on the trail of bestial flirtation
Huma it seems lives a nightmare not dreams
Of her lovers exuberant animations
But insiders say where there’s horse there is play
With thousands of email quotations
So don’t let it pass that Hillary’s husband’s an ass
Who flung with a flirtatious flooze
That his wife is contrite and positioned just right
To win the White House all liquored on booze
Oh just rewards for deplorable hoards
Turning right as she slapped at her rump
Came a big talking man with a bucket of spam
Calling in hearts as his favorite Trump
Now you may wonder why the Gods have not thundered
On so many detestable deeds
But please don’t ignore the unmistakable roar
Heard whispering inseparable weeds
Your task at hand is to change the command
Of graft at the top of the heap
And keep us apart of the errant of heart
Who might send our souls to the deep

Gem State Patriot News