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Racism in America? Prove it!

The leftist Democrat tactic of silencing free speech by blocking speakers, a cancel culture in the workplace and social media banning is a detriment to our republic. Some cancellations stem from a fallacy of systemic racism. We do not live in a racist society. Racism is defined as an institutionalized system where a race of people would regard themselves as superior, find other races inferior and implement policy to hold a group down based on that assumption.

Where in our country is that present today?

The Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts of the 60’s made it illegal to discriminate based on race, gender or religion. For 60 years we have been supporting minorities in this country with over 400 federal programs which they receive at a higher proportion than their population percentages along with federal hate crime laws. We have diversity ratios on corporate boards, college admissions and academy award nominations as examples. Would a racist nation do that?

If a guy from 1950’s Jim Crow turned on a TV and was told this is a racist country he would die laughing. Yet our president will call election integrity laws in certain states worse than Jim Crow. Does he not know his history? Take a walk on any campus and ask the kids who they admire and overwhelmingly persons of color are mentioned. They are intertwined in our culture. Thousands cheer on predominantly black sports teams. We have the highest number of black millionaires and billionaires in the history of the world. Ninety percent of legal immigration comes from Africa, Asia, Mexico and Central America. Almost 100% of illegal aliens are persons of color.

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Why would a racist nation allow that? Why would they come to a racist nation? Why would President Trump brag about record low black unemployment? Why would there be a need for racial hoaxes like Jussie Smolette’s if there are so many examples of racism?

Biracial relationships are at the highest ratios in history as is approval of them. We have interaction in our free market economy of diverse people every day. If tyrants threatened our freedoms we would see how no one cares of the hue of the guy in the foxhole next to him as long as he is an American. Democrats promote this narrative and control every institution in our country. The media, education, cinema, TV, journalism, sports and social media all run by Democrats. Urban cities have numerous minority mayors, council members, police chiefs and education boards and have for decades. If this racism were true are they culpable?

Presently the communist BLM movement, politicians and the MSM has gotten the whole country to buy into this false narrative of racism using police enforcement. The FBI states in 2019 there were 10 million arrests in the country leading to 1004 fatalities. Out of those homicides, 12 unarmed blacks were killed by police and 26 unarmed whites. Hardly an epidemic. Our capitalistic CEOs are virtue signaling and contributing money to a contrary communist organization that would like to eradicate capitalism and our western civilization nuclear family unit as well as hasten their change via riots. The worst of all this may be the Marxist critical race theory that is curriculum in K-12 and our military teaching all we are an ugly country with an ugly history.

What makes those normally silent seek to be heard is that if repeated enough this becomes truth and the attack has brought accusations at people for the sin of being born of European ancestry with an unconscious bias. It has taken some struggles yet the promissory note from our founders Dr. King spoke of is here in the eyes of many. Our Democrat party, media and other organizations do not want to point that out.

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