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If you like Communism, You will love Critical Race Theory

The Marxists started critical theory to criticize western culture and capitalism. It complemented their revolution of workers of the world rising up against the capitalists. The Frankfurt School leaders Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer came to America in the 30’s and started implementing Marxism through our cultural institutions of education, media and journalism. Their first students were the baby boomers coming of age in the 60’s.

The Marxist groups SLA, SDS, black panthers and weather underground (the guys who bombed the senate, state department and Pentagon) took advantage of the Vietnam War protests and what was a legitimate civil rights movement. Dr. King challenged us to uphold the ideals of the American creed of equality for all. They never let a crisis go to waste. Marxists instigated the violence that persists today using various victim groups as a means to their end. They have hijacked race, sexuality and gender as a replacement of the workers to implement Marxism. How could they use class when the leaders of the transformation like Barack Obama are living in $25 million worth of houses?

CRT is spreading everywhere from K-12 to corporate boards to government agencies including the military and it is a lot more abundant than my few lines here. It teaches that persons of European extraction are inherently racist, as are the foundations of our country which must be broken. A fundamental transformation must take place with those in power redistributing wealth to oppressed groups. See Joe Biden granting aid to only black farmers as an example. You are no longer an individual to be judged by the content of character but in a group either of oppressor or oppressed. It is collectivism not capitalism, it is revolution not reform. It is the 1619 project not the 1776 report. It is curriculum in many schools and prevalent in training programs teaching us America is about power, race and oppression not liberty and independence.

Grammar schoolers are taught about their racist founders, white privilege and forced to sit in oppressor or oppressed sections. Human resource departments and corporate boards swim in it. Colleges require a class in it to graduate. Critical Race Theory (CRT) theorist Cheryl Harris promotes confiscating property and reassigning it based on race. Ibram Kendi and BLM hope to eradicate capitalism and want a federal antiracism agency accountable to no one. It was banned in government by DJT and reinstated by Joe Biden. Any opposition to this is a win for leftist democrats as they say your denial is proof of your supremacy.

With exposure this farce can be stopped along with other nonsensical leftist democrat policies like sanctuary cities, open borders, blocking school choice and a cancel culture (as I can’t find a place in history where the people silencing speech are the good guys). Joe Biden is instructed to call supremacy the biggest threat to our republic. He is old enough to know better. Our American creed of equality and opportunity rooted in the Enlightenment and expressed in the Constitution, Declaration, rule of law, due process and property rights has created more equality, opportunity, liberty and prosperity than any other and must be preserved. Americans have demonstrated a desire to improve our country not overthrow it. These cries for equity of outcomes and social justice are contrary to those ideals. Democrats only want you to parrot their slogans. Save the republic by researching this. Documentation can be found at and

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