Press Release: Ammon Bundy Put in Jail


On Behalf of Ammon Bundy:

The Idaho court system has again put on display for the whole world to see its absurd level of corruption, incompetence, and malpractice, as Ammon Bundy was actually taken to jail today on charges of contempt.

Last year, Ammon was wrongfully convicted of trespassing at the Idaho State Capitol—a conviction which is currently being appealed as it is ludicrous to convict a man of “trespassing” in a public building, during public hours, while it is open and fully occupied by the public.

Nevertheless, Ammon was ordered to pay a fine and serve 5 days in jail. However, he was given the option of performing 40 hours of “public service” in lieu of jail time. Ammon accepted the terms and went above and beyond by reporting over 1,000 hours of public service performed on the campaign trail, where he traversed the state several times over, educating Idahoans on their rights, the U.S. Constitution, the historical founding of our nation, the rule of law, and proper jurisprudence, among a host of other valuable bits of knowledge. If this not-for-profit act isn’t considered a “service” to the public, we don’t know what is.

So, he is now being subjected to a total of 10-days in jail (with no bail option) and a $3,000 fine. If ever there was a demonstration of abuse of power and systemic corruption of our legal system—you are witnessing it right now. And if you don’t think this matters to all Idahoans, what will you do when they come for you next?

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Public service. Well if you want to pick up garbage on hwy 95 or 41, I’ll sign up and help. Californians netorrious for destroying Idaho, surely they must be the ones litering our highways. Idahoians know they have basically easy access to free garbage disposal. Ammon If you agreeded to true public service then fullfill the requirement outright. Let’s clean up the highways its disgusting.

Well, on the bright side, the weak-minded and gullible order followers who are employed by the likes if ISP are overwhelmingly injected with deadly spike proteins that are wreaking havoc in their bodies as we speak. They will get theirs and they will not be harassing good and honest people much longer. They can only back us so far into a corner before we start ripping their arms off.

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