Here’s How President Trump Can Save America and the GOP

It’s no secret that I believe we have a big problem in America. We have lost “election integrity.” It’s no secret that I believe massive voter fraud is going on across America—with Democrats winning races based on mysterious, magical ballots appearing out of nowhere. It’s no secret I believe illegal aliens are voting in large numbers. But the time for talk is over. Let’s cut bait.

Now is the time for solutions and actions—specifically Executive Actions issued by President Trump. He must act alone, because Congress never will.

Democrats will never fix the system. Democrats claim there is no voter fraud. They claim they don’t see a problem.

So why would Democrats object to any of my proposals? Not one of my proposals will stop a single legal American citizen from voting. Not one of them will stop a person of color from voting. Not one of them will ever cost Americans living in poverty a single red cent. There is no downside of any kind if you really believe there is no voter fraud.

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President Trump must singlehandedly guarantee election integrity for 2020. Only he can do it. Here’s how.

Trump must rule by Executive Action. Here are the simple Executive Actions he must take to produce free and fair elections.

First, President Trump must issue an Executive Action declaring National Voter ID for all future federal elections. Why would anyone object to making sure every single voter is exactly who they say they are?

Liberals will call it “racist” and an attempt at “voter suppression.” I have the answer to that.

Model it exactly after Mexico’s National Voter ID. All voters must have an ID card issued by the United States government with photo and thumbprint—just like Mexico. If it matches you vote. If it doesn’t match, you don’t vote. Simple. No more voter fraud. What “voter suppression?” Every American gets one vote. Is that a problem for Democrats?

How can anyone claim “racism” when it’s used successfully by every Mexican citizen. If it’s not “racist” to demand Voter ID in Mexico, how can it be racist in America? No more excuse for Democrats.

Liberals will also scream about the cost. I have the answer to that one too. President Trump should declare it FREE to every American. No one will spend a red cent. The US government will provide it as a free service for every voter—rich or poor, black or white. How’s that for fair? No more excuse for Democrats.

Secondly, President Trump must issue an Executive Action ending absentee ballots. They are the source of most voter fraud. With weeks of “early voting” plus election day itself, why would anyone need to mail in a ballot? Only handicapped or overseas military would be allowed to mail in ballots.

Third, President Trump must issue an Executive Action making English the official language of voting. If I lived in Italy, or France, or China, I would vote in their language. This is the absolute least we should expect of any American citizen—to understand issues in English.

Fourth, President Trump should issue an Executive Action making it a crime punishable by immediate deportation for any non-citizen to illegally vote. If illegals aren’t voting, as Democrats claim, why would this bother Democrats? Cat got your tongue?

Finally, President Trump needs to finally build that wall. Take Congress out of the equation. Declare a “National Security Emergency,” thereby allowing the use of $25 billion from the military budget to build the wall. It’s time to end open borders, once and for all.

And then, let the Supreme Court decide the legality of these Executive Actions. I’ll take that chance. America is worth it. It’s now or never to save America. It’s time to roll the dice. It’s “Trump Time.”

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