POLL: Who do you support for Idaho Governor in 2022?

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No more of what/ who we’ve had for 20 years!

Janice is not afraid to stand up for the people and use her voice! She hasn’t been bought and paid for like the good ol’ boys!

Yeah, unfortunately Janice didn’t stand up to anybody and didn’t do a damn thing for an entire year while she was Lieutenant Governor. Stop dreaming and open your eyes. Janice is just another rino.

I wouldn’t go as far as calling her a Rhino. She knows what’s wrong and she’s trying to educate people and in different times she’d probably be a fantastic Governor. Now is the time for some change, someone who won’t sellout, someone who actually wants to do the best he can for his children. Not many men will leave this land knowing they did their part. I assure you, Ammon Bundy will as did LaVoy Finicum. He’s the only one on this list that can make things right. I urge you to have a conversation with him.

Ammon Bundy has proven many times over to be a man of rare character. He has sacrificed his life for causes in protecting and ensuring the rights of his countrymen. He stands firm on his convictions and is a true, tested leader. Idaho is blessed beyond measure to have him as a resident of Idaho and God willing, the Governor of the same.

If all 4 GOPers are on the primary ballot, we’ll get stuck with 4 more of Mr. Little. However, if we have a serious straw poll before the primary and only two stay on the ballot, we might have a chance for a change, no?

Yes that is why we are running this poll just to get an idea. It is still very early in this election process and a lot can happen in the next 10 months.

I am in total agreement. Bundy has idaho values and will do this FOR the people. That has been our problem all along. Nobody actually protecting and our way of life. We must make this change. Bundy is the obvious choice. He is not going to back down, and roll over.

I think so. Bradshaw isn’t listed, but has been talking about a sort of pre-primary voting pac thing. Seems like a good idea the way he says it.

I agree. I think it is important to wait until candidates have had a chance to campaign, so maybe some time in the early spring, but definitely. Let’s decide on one before May! I think Bundy is the best choice, he has the correct principles of a free government and the balls to stand up to the federal government.

You are absolutely correct. Sad to see Janice polling so high since her past voting record establishes her as an obvious RINO. I was surprised to hear Bob’s support of her. I would think he would know a wolf in sheep’s clothes.

Bob is not supporting anyone in the Governors race as it is way to early to even think about that so stop trolling.

Ammon, I am behind you 100 percent, I just can’t get behind the hole private companies get to do what ever they want thing, everyone in this country should be bound by the constitution, being rich should not exclude you. I j it at cannot get behind the vaccine mandates, my personal life is not my companies business, and my medical life is my personal life. I do love you though man, I love you fir standing up fir your rights, you are courageous l, and would make a great governor, but we need someone in there that will not allow companies to become owners of there employees. I really hope you can see my reasoning because I want to go out and walk the streets to help you get in.

I’m not sure what you are referring to with the companies, but I would contact him directly on facebook and ask him about it. I’m sure there is a good explanation. And he will respond to you. I’m backing him 100%

Jason, people dictate what companies can and can’t do by where they choose to work.
Look at what’s happening to the hospitals right now, some are closing certain things down or cutting their hours, all because people are making a choice.
What needs to happen is the state and federal government need to get out of their business. More laws is.not the answer.
But like someone else stated, talk to him, checkout the calendar and go to an event, he’s a very approachable man and will take the time to discuss things with you.

Based on the Poll results, I would say the only person that should seriously consider dropping out of the Race this early is Brad Little!

Research the canidates the best plan is he has the background building several successful businesses and understands the proper role of government vote faith over fear that will lead you to the best candidate

I used to have that same question. But I looked at his policies, reviewed all his actions and listened to what he says about same; he lives 100% “defend the constitution and rights for the people”. I have found no exception. A rare individual, indeed, whose actions, words and beliefs are so congruent. This makes him the perfect choice to lead us in righting Idaho.

What does that mean Rose Isn’t Joe Biden a loose canon? I’m sick and tired of apologizing for being a constitutional conservative.
By the way I moved from California to Nevada to get away from California style governance. I left Nevada to retire in Idaho as Californians destroyed Nevada. I’ll be damned if I’ll let them destroy Idaho.
Idaho has way too many Rinos for such a conservative State. I supported Raul Labrador ecause I knew Little was a fraud.
Little supported John Kasich over Trump in 2016 enough said.
I want a leader a Governor I can be proud of not a dishrag like Little.
Little is planning to bring more refugees to Idaho and Idaho’s far too cozy with the Communist Chinese Party.
As of right now I’m supporting Ammon Bundy.

I love how Ed still can’t seem to lift his abysmal numbers but his cult campaign is still professing to have areas of the state locked in, and he is such a narcissistic and petty man that this comment might actually it back to him.

Hi, Ed. It’s great living rent free in your head. It’s roomy.

I am a Nebraskan looking forward to Ammond Bundy as governor of. Idaho. I lived in Idaho between college and the navy. Met a lot of good people. Played softball for one of the church in Rigbey(sp). Met a wonderful girl, but my native Minnesota called me back. I cheered for. Ammond when got in the face of the tyrannical Fed Gov. Good luck to him and the people of Idaho

Why is North Idaho Pastor Steve Bradshaw not listed in your poll? He is a true fighter and has already shown he has a spine, he filed a Federal Lawsuit against Little in Federal court for misappropriations of CARES Act Funding. Little failed to distribute $1Billon to the the Idaho counties for relief and now suddenly we have a surplus of $1 Billion+ in the coffers. The Federal Lawsuit is still active against. Go to to read the legal filings.

While I commend pastor Bradshaw for his prowess in going after the Governor legally for the distribution or non distribution of CARES funds this law suit will probably go no where as you probably don’t realize that most of the judges in our state are also bought and paid for and have been approved and appointed by the elitist who provide the means for people like Little to get elected and if you look at the field of people running for governor there are 11 and most of the other candidates are pretty much unknown and only received 26 votes in the poll as of today. if the Pastor would like to write an Op-Ed we would be happy to publish it maybe it would get his name out there a bit.

I’m curious why Steve Bradshaw isn’t listed? Already said he’d dropout pre-primary if he isn’t leading. Better than most of those names up there.

This state MUST take are hard right turn to save it. HARD right. You have no idea how close we are to califoricating this state altogether. The university towns are the cancer here….as they are pretty much everywhere else. Little is a sellout to China so he’s definitely out. IMHO right now I’d prolly vote for Bundy.

So good to see Ammon with a more than double lead. This gives me hope for Idaho. Janice is a wimp and is palatable to rinos. Ed is just a kid who obviously has no chance and I dont get why he’s still around. Somebody needs to find out who is really funding him. But the fact that the republican party hates Ammon and is trying to stop him is all you need to know. He is the only candidate who will actually make a difference in Idaho and everyone knows it. If Idaho does not vote for Ammon then you deserve the liberal state of California that you will become in a few short years!

Maybe after this poll is done people can stop acting like McGeachin was given the spot of challenging Little for his seat by the hand of God and will realize that no one is taking away her votes. There are multiple candidates, that’s what happens, no one is splitting anyone’s votes. I agree that when spring comes, people should start dropping out, but until then, it’s anyone’s game. Plus McGeachin has failed to stand up and really do something. Bundy hasn’t. Everyone knows Bundy will stand for freedom, we can only hope that McGeachin will.

I agree Eric. In the almost 6 years I have known Ammon I have learned much about him, one of many is that he will stand for constitution of this state and the US. Period! For those that want to say something about him being arrested and so on…Martin Luther King JR was arrested 29 times fighting for civil rights/constitution, I could go on with examples all the way back to our founding fathers of people being arrested for standing for their rights o the rights of others, so this is really a non issue.

Ammon, with the help of divine Providence has stood against the very federal corruption we look at now as a state and country. I feel that Ammon is the best candidate to lead us as a state in the coming years to fight back against the federal government’s hold on Idaho and it’s statesmen and women.

That is literally the most ignorant comment ever. You must be a liberal because you seem to be possessed with Bundy Derangement Syndrome. Its like Trump Derangement Syndrome but worse. You are so blind it is pathetic.

I like Ammon B. But I don’t think allowing companies to decide their employees vaccine schedule or get fired should be allowed, especially with these new covid jabs. Unless the state is prepared to pay unemployment for the half or more of the states workforce for the foreseeable future.

Governor [very] Little , supports firing health care workers who don’t want the vaccine, won’t support the use of ivermectin even though it is cheap and safe , wonder why we have a health crisis? Below are some findings on the efficacy of Ivermectin

You have to wonder how many moderates are taking part in this poll when Brad Little only gets 1%. In my opinion moderates will be the ones electing the next governor. If this poll doesn’t reflect their opinion I’m not sure how relevant it is.

Ammon Bundy is the obvious choice for the Governorship of Idaho. His path has led him to this moment as he has been long-tested by fire and spiritually prepared to be a most honorable statesman and capable leader. His strong convictions for liberty will serve to shore up the foundations of the great state of Idaho for all. It is an honor to cast my vote for this man of rare caliber.

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