Land and Water Right advocates introduce the ‘PEOPLE’s COMPACT’ in Ronan, Montana

(The above video was recorded at a public Meeting in Ronan, Montana, where the People’s approach to the Reserved Water Rights Compact was introduced!)

The People of Montana need to get the word out on some exciting news. A completely new practical approach to a People’s Compact has been developed through the concerted efforts of a small group of concerned citizens, state legislators and community leaders. This plan is BREAKING NEWS and offers a welcome comprehensive 17-page approach to replacing the current cumbersome 1500-page Water Compact which is burdened with endless questionable components and likely unconstitutional developments, but still in process.

Key points of this People’s Compact:

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  1. Protects the water rights of all MT citizens, including individual tribal members. Also protects the off-reservation holders of water rights, currently subject to tribal attacks throughout 2/3 of Montana under the present proposed compact.
  2. Assures maintenance, use and distribution of waters held in reservoirs of Hungry-Horse and Flathead Lake dams, as well as in-stream water flows.
  3. Provides a plan to address still existing financial grievances.
  4. Protects irrigation while meeting established tribal reserved water rights purposes and needs.
  5. Establishes legal and constitutional ownership and management of Montana waters.

Please view the video to hear the details of this plan and the fascinating unique step-by-step process of how this Compact was developed. Now it is in need of Public understanding and support to get it through to final stages of approval and implementation. Control over the land, water and even our economy here in Montana and ultimately throughout the country may be at stake.

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