Massive Election Fraud in at least 4 States!

This information below absolutely MUST be given to the Acting U.S. Attorney General, Matt Whitaker, and the WHITE HOUSE legal counsel.

As noted below, the corruption in this election has caused the likely loss of three Republican Senators (Montana, Arizona, and Florida) and one Republican Governor (Georgia)!

Please share the information below with anyone who can DO something about this, and share widely with the public. Our elections are now a national crisis and travesty…and much like “innocent until proven guilty” is on life-support, so also is “one man’s vote counts.”

Elaine Willman
Ronan, MT

Christ Troupis Book

Evil Fraud

Not all the percentages are correct in this narrative but its setup is true! The mathematical impossibility of the 4 scenarios is scary!

I cannot believe I didn’t see this coming, I am a fool. With 90% of the precincts in Montana, Tester was losing 225K to 208K, on the last 10% Tester got 37K and Rosendale only got 5K, all absentees.

In Arizona, McSally had a 45K vote lead and once they started counting “newly discovered” ballots that were allegedly received over the weekend “after they were no longer allowed by law to be received” and Sinema is getting 9 for every 1 that McSally gets so she will also win now.

And now in Florida, there are now another 500K votes that were not counted originally that will be added, all from Miami-Dade, and they will push both Republicans out also. And wouldn’t you know it, miraculously a 1/4 million absentee ballots from Atlanta have appeared and they are also at a 90%-10% in favor of the demonrat.

All 4 elections stolen by mysterious ballots appearing after they were all allegedly in, and all from the areas where all the Libtards get 90%…what a coincidence huh?

This election is either an example of mathematical impossibility of bad luck, or it was fixed from the beginning with extra votes just happening to appear.

I feel like a conspiracy nut, but how many times can lightning strike in one election?

— Bill McCormick, Montana citizen
It’s a Good Life Helping Others!

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