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Stand up for the People not the Crony Politicians

A Lesson for all Precinct Committee People in Idaho

This article is in response to Eva Gay Yost’s comments on the Kevin Miller Show 580KIDOam and 107.5fm about me not being part of the crony republican process of working to help politicians win their elections when I don’t agree with their policies.

Eva is still trying to figure out why she lost the precinct election to me in 2014. Let me explain why. Eva never met the people she was representing in the district. How do I know that? Because not one person who I talked to in 2014 while going door to door knew who she was except those she invited to her parties. She worked for the crony establishment (same as her husband Jim who is on the state payroll) and never for the people who elected her. She even had Otter and Little go door to door for her during our 2014 campaign, but it didn’t work, she still lost.

You see, I’m not a phony and, unlike Eva, I spend a good deal of my time researching what is going on in our state, and I have helped many conservative legislators get elected. I attend important committee meetings at the capital and testify for the people, not the party in power. I do my homework, unlike those who follow blindly. I’m the thorn that sticks them in the side when they do the wrong thing.

I don’t go along with the mainstream republicans that do the bidding of crony politicians like Brad Little or Butch Otter. When no one speaks up against the state, there is no resistance, and that’s when the people who run it become all powerful. I will never be a political lackey like Eva Gay Yost has become. I’m an activist who works for the people of Idaho, and if that means going against the Republicans who are not living up to an expected standard of working for the people, then I’m the Rebel with a cause and I will oppose them.

I did not see Eva or Brad at the committee meeting to repeal the grocery tax, nor did they give testimony for the gun rights bills. I didn’t hear Eva or Brad speak out when the grocery tax repeal was vetoed by Governor Otter or when we were voicing opposition to the Obamacare exchange which cost taxpayers hundreds of millions in higher premiums. Where were their voices during the Wi-Fi scandal, which cost taxpayers tens of millions, or when the Correction Corp of America ripped off the state for lord knows how many millions of dollars with no investigation?

I do not support Brad Little because he has done nothing as Lt. Governor to show me he deserves to take the highest office of our state. He won the election with a plurality of 37% of the vote and used some dastardly tactics to do it. I do my homework and Brad may be a nice guy, but I firmly believe he will do nothing to improve the lives of Idahoans in the next 4 years. I would like him to prove me wrong, but I don’t believe a tiger can change his stripes. Brad is part of the crony establishment and he will be the fox in the hen house as he was a former chairman of IACI, the most powerful crony lobby in Idaho. I always say, If you see a weed growing in your garden, you don’t water it, you pull it out.

Unfortunately, we Idahoans are left little choice (no pun intended) when it comes to this election, as no one in their right mind would want to see Paulette Jordon in the Governor’s office. So, I will hold my nose and pull the lever for Brad or maybe write in someone like Labrador who is not a crony.

Let me make one last point. Eva wanted to know why I didn’t have a sign out for Brad. Well, Eva, this article should tell you why and just for Eva’s edification, there are only two Little Signs in my Precinct 18—the one in Eva’s yard and one other—and that’s out of 574 registered republicans in our precinct.

What this shows me is that I’m right about the people in this precinct not supporting Brad, and Eva, if you want more signs out for Brad, you had better get your butt in gear and put them out yourself.

We get the Government We Deserve.

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