Our Trumptastic Americans

Donald Trump is already starting to change his positions, like ‘the wall’ is becoming a ‘fence’ in some places now, he is being smooshed into stating that some parts of ObamaCare might remain and so on… We understand how eager he is to reach across the aisle to get things done, but as I have said before negotiating 50% with the devil is still evil. Hopefully, time and Constitutional mentoring of the Donald might come to the fore sooner than later. Understanding that no person is perfect and he is going to make some honest mistakes, Donald J. Trump is Aces better than Crooked Hillary.

What we could call the Trumptastic Americans are the ones who know right from wrong. Or the Right from the Left, if you will. i.e. What is not right, not correct, not constitutional, and what is Socialistic about the liberal ‘Left’? Answer: Everything!


“I am sure that most individuals afflicted with a liberal mindset would be unable to name any particular goal for their beliefs. It is in many ways like a religion … a set of pre-defined attitudes and opinions by which they make decisions in life. Most often these attitudes and opinions are not of their own formation or arrived at through considered thought. Instead, they are learned from others’ repeated pronouncements of them. Those making these statements often have come to learn them in the same way. Much the same as fables and Bible stories are passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately many of the “proclaimers” are entrenched in the schools and colleges and their views are imbedded in impressionable minds not yet skilled in giving these ideas critical examination.

“The true agenda of the left is statism or control of the society by a small elite group. They are a patient lot and willing to achieve their goals over a long period of time through seemingly minor and incremental changes in the laws and attitudes of the nation. Through the constant hammering of emotion driven issues — education, the environment, child safety, gun control, nuclear war, etc. — they gradually affect the laws and policies that govern our society. All the while moving us closer to their goal of a nation of serfs working for the benefit of the powerful few that will control every aspect of a citizen’s life.” – Quoting TYSK on a website named

Christ Troupis Book


Thank God for our Americans who know what America is truly about and voted for Donald Trump. Our very sovereignty as a free nation depends on secure borders, our rule of law being enforced and our resourceful culture restored to our winning ways of successful commerce in a Capitalist world free of strangulating regulations and excessive taxation by bureaus and agencies that don’t need to exist.

These Americans also realize that government doesn’t run anything well and certainly shouldn’t have a thing to do with healthcare. All the agencies, regulations and healthcare stuff has really been all about gaining control, a database and fundamentally transforming America into a member state of a global government run by unaccountable, unelected global elitists who know best about everything for everybody. Goodbye freedom.


American principles of freedom means there should not be any guarantees, no redistribution and no subsidies. These are all the dreams and mantra of the Marxists and Saul Alinskyite followers such as Hillary Rodam Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

True blooded Americans know that guarantees, subsidies, bailouts, re-distribution, social justice and welfare damage the competitive ‘free’ marketplace, de-incentivize individuals and putt burdensome strains on our tax coffers. Workfare makes sense, welfare does not.

The technologies of solar panels, and windmills are impressive. However, they should not be subsidized! They should have to compete against any other sources of energy with accountable payback that’s profitable or sit on the sidelines until they do. Without the corn subsidies Ethanol would not exist. All other subsidies including all farm subsidies should go the way of their ability to operate ‘freestanding.’ See: “10 Corporations Receiving Massive Public Subsidies From Taxpayers”

Quoting Giridharan Velamore‘s article in, ‘Should government abolish the subsidies in different sectors?’: “Subsidies impact the free markets. In that sense it is bad. Depending upon how the subsidy is provided (either to the buyer or to the seller) the market would be skewed. Subsidies directly impact the government by directing resources away from legitimate priorities (Education, defense, infrastructure development, healthcare etc.)

“While subsidies may provide immediate benefits to an industry, in the long-run they may prove to have unethical, negative effects. Subsidies are intended to support public interest however they can violate ethical or legal principles if they lead to higher consumer prices or discriminate against some producers to benefit others.”

A competitive truly free market will always right itself for the better of most citizens, but not all, since honest competition includes winners and losers. With the purpose of business and investments being to make a profit, accountability must reign.

Capitalism is the freedom to win at starting a business or investment and cannot and must not provide ‘subsidized’ guarantees for those who attain less. Failure is a lesson learned well and one moves on, strengthened from the experience. One can strive to achieve all he wants or adjust to what levels of accomplishment he attains. Businesses creating commerce, accountably making a profit providing jobs are the root sources of all governments’ funding. A growing economy that creates more tax paying employees will bring in more revenue than higher tax rates and new taxes which conversely hurt us.

Capitalism is the purest example of true freedom and it is not supposed to be easy. It is just simply the best opportunity for all to pursue our dreams and improve our future. Most real true blooded patriotic Americans get this and fortunately there are still enough around who vote.


The late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said, “Any man under 30 who is not a liberal has no heart, and any man over 30 who is not a conservative has no brains.”

Well, we must be blessed here in America because a surprising number of young Americans under 30 got it about the difference between Donald Trump’s America and that of Crooked Hillary Clinton’s and voted for the Donald.

We are particularly proud that many of our young adults are among our Trumptastic Americans in spite of Common Core and the wacko lefty professors of the heretofore ‘great’ universities and colleges.


The Donald needs to learn that many of those he wants to believe in are very gifted schmoozers. He mostly needs to learn about who the Establishment really is and how they operate. Moving too fast can become his Achilles’ heel.

Lastly, Trumptastic Americans, we should pray that President-Elect Donald J. Trump receives an intense cram course on the Constitution and catches on to the reality that he needs becoming a lot more guarded about any and all remarks he will constantly be baited to give by the sorry big media.

The following oft used Latin remark has never been more apropos: “Illegitimi Non Carborundum” – Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

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