Open letter to Idaho Legislators on SB 1067

Media Maligns, Twists & Bullies Idaho Legislature’

Six years ago on Feb.16th, 2009 Newsweek magazine published a featured article on their cover: A red-hand grasping a blue-hand entitled, “We Are All Socialists Now!”

America has traveled a long and dangerous road to get sucked into that vortex. Newsweek’s bottom line was America taxes & spends like all other nations.

Idaho has welfare commitments like every other state. First came food supplements thru WIC: cheese, milk, eggs, and baby food. Then enormous food stamps largesse. Then came aid to dependent children, and subsistence housing. Now comes International collaboration and coercion under the United Nation’s judicial enforcement: The Hague Convention on International Recovery of Child Support.

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Evidently this whole treaty falls apart unless Idaho signs on as subservient. This treaty allows state, national and global government to intervene and provide for the less fortunate. To care for those that were once our responsibility to care for. There’s not even a stench belaying the fact that someone is doing for us what we should be doing for ourselves?

Americans are paying the price. We are now taxed 50% of our income so ‘Big Gov’ can benevolently feed, clothe and shelter the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Our lack of opposition to socialized welfare may be a little surprising. Remember we’re already taxed 50% or better so the state may engage in acts of charity. Why proffer anymore charity out of our depleted pockets when the state already assumes this role in our behalf.

We’ve become so use to ‘Big Brother’ providing for our needs that our own children no longer know the purpose of the hand at the end of their own sleeve. Government doth provide.

Idaho’s legislators must consider a 37 page amendment package to rectify an intentionally vague treaty from The Hague (read United Nations). This is suffused with vague international global-speak to confuse complying municipalities. This will require a whole new stable of international lawyers (attached to our AG’s office) to sort thru the ‘globaleese.’

Our legislators have predetermined how they will vote. Not one of them would have wished to impose this type of international statism on any of us. This is not their doing. This is an Obama thing, aided and abetted by our own governor. Remember shades of ObamaCare?

Our legislators are being forced to comply with global, national and state agendas in collusion with media and the enormous Health & Welfare lobby to bring us under international rule. We should never let these combinations get above us.

This sin will be visited on our own house. We’re the ones who failed to stand up for our legislators. We failed to tell them we’d have their backs if they kicked this treaty all the way back to the Netherlands. If they knew we had their backs, they would gleefully vote this global intrusion into oblivion.

The media has labeled all legislators who oppose this as child-haters and single-mom abusers. The media has built a huge pyre to burn down any poor legislator who votes against this.

Our legislators know by heart the thunderous assertion found in our Declaration of Independence, where it affirms men’s rights comes from “their creator”, not some ayatollah, emirs or dictator. God gave us our rights, they’re there for the duration. No one can take them from us.

Anything emanating from the UN is always under the auspices of coercion and intimidation. At the UN strong men grant rights. If their strength weakens or diminishes then the rights they granted also evaporates. Those rights are only as lasting as the dictators who gave them.

We’ve been saddled with Obama Care. Our legislators really don’t want to wear another albatross around their necks. UN guidelines over welfare and spousal support have no place in America’s or Idaho’s jurisprudence.

To use our children as fodder to entangle America in international law is a no-brainer. But political and media muscle carries tremendous sway with elected politicos.

Since when does the UN care a wit about America’s poor? Since when do elected officials make our Constitution subservient to any other law?

I pray Newsweek had it wrong: We are not all socialists now!!

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