Open Letter to all Patriots – Martin Armstrong on Finicum murder

Dear Patriots,

I wanted to share this link from Martin Armstrong’s Blog who I’ve been following for several years now. He has many interesting insights on pertinent topics of our time. I have found his site to be worthy of news without personal bias or media hype. He is calling out the government on many fronts and is calling the gunning down of LaVoy Finicum murder. I watched the clip from the cell phone video below from one of the passengers in the truck fired upon by the Oregon State Police. The video is chilling leaving me to tears at one point. LaVoy leaves the truck to draw fire away from the passengers. His heroic effort left him riddled with bullets, instantly dead. The passengers left inside continue to draw fire from the officers without apparent warrant and live in fear of certain death knowing not where to turn. Is not the duty of any police force to serve and protect?

The assumption of innocents is no longer the charge of those who prosecute or enforce. Force is the first reaction as clearly seen in this video. The assumption of violence, not realized by a brandishing of weapons or of violent threat, leads the officers to fire upon freedom loving people without clear and present danger. The result is shocking to the conscience and leaves a lingering chill that due process may no longer be a part of American justice. This is no small event. LaVoy’s body was shot full of holes as surely as our Constitution on that day. The future of peace, prosperity and the need to live freely in a system that protects life and liberty hangs in the balance. A full and thorough inquest must expose the truth of this matter or darkness of fear will overcome. Light is the only disinfectant to this horrific event. Stand for truth and due process.

The Government’s Murder of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum Who Obama Protects

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