John Green Announces Candidacy for Sherriff of Kootenai County

Republican, John Green, has announced his candidacy for Kootenai County Sheriff. Green, a constitutional attorney and former Deputy Sheriff, has 39 years of relevant legal and criminal justice experience. He has “hands on” experience in virtually every facet of Law Enforcement, including having worked in the jail, on patrol, as a detective and sergeant. His legal experience as a criminal and civil attorney are an invaluable resource for a Sheriff.

“The County Sheriff is the only elected head of law enforcement in our state. As such he is directly accountable to the citizens to uphold the US and Idaho Constitutions.” explained Green. Ensuring public safety, protecting property, and guarding individual liberties are the cornerstone of John Green’s philosophy. “Law enforcement is there to serve the people, not the other way around,” he states.

Green says that the current budget for the Sheriff’s Department is adequate to effectively meet the needs of our community. He’d like to see more deputies out serving the public and fewer sitting behind a desk. As for the jail, Green asserts that it’s not necessary to burden the taxpayers with additional levies or bonds when the current facility was designed for expansion and the county has the funds available to make that happen. He has been an outspoken critic of government waste and promotes financial accountability and transparency. He also prefers the term “Peace Officer” to “Law Enforcement Officer”, because, as he sees it, “law enforcement is only a part of the Sheriff’s duty. Peace Officers are public servants and serve a much greater purpose than just enforcing the law.”

John Green has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) from the University of Houston, Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from South Texas College of Law, numerous law enforcement certifications including a Permanent Peace Officer License, Advanced Peace Officer Certification from Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards & Education. He currently serves as General Counsel and Chief Law Enforcement Advisor to the United States Bill of Rights Foundation.

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John Green and his wife of 37 years, Elizabeth have four children, 6 grand children and reside near Rathdrum, Idaho.

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