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Op-Ed: Law and Order

From a man with 47 years experience in the Military and Law Enforcement

I served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 20 years serving in infantry battalions all over the world. I retired as a First Sergeant. Then for the next 27 years, I was a police officer in Southern California, working as an emergency responder in the patrol division for the entire time, as well as a sniper on the Swat team. It’s about time someone from within this military and law enforcement culture that is getting pounded on, has a voice and a hearing. Most people have not spent most of their life dealing with the violent and the ruthless, who prey on those weaker than them, and seen the results of the carnage and wreckage that they wreak on their victims. It is not pleasant.

I have been very distracted by the goings on with the riots. I am so enraged by it all. I feel so bad for these officers doing their job and then getting lynched by their own employers who ordered them to do their job. Every use of force I have seen on video, some mild and some not as mild, where the officers have been suspended without pay, and are actually pending charges to be prosecuted, has been totally justified.

Ordered to control a mob that requires some level of force, and then being prosecuted when you use it by those who ordered you to control that mob. They think you can play patty cake with these violent protestors? The officers should all walk off the job in mass and let the city burn. They should refuse to come back unless the city meets their demands to stop prosecuting them for using the only tools they have available to them, some level of force, to control the mob. Let the city burn? Well, why should the police risk their lives? Well that part of the job, but why should their lives ruined and be prosecuted just to protect people from the political consequences of their own choices? Going ahead and have your anti law and order stance lived out and if you like it, re-elect the same leaders.

This is beyond disgusting. The district attorneys, the mayors, are cowards that hide behind their positions and order the cops to do what needs to be done, which they would never do, and then prosecute them for following orders to look good politically. The whole thing is maddening as I watch these officers lives ruined.

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One mayor who wanted to defund the police when asked what they would be replaced with, said, “we will prevent violence before it happens.’ We will replace the police with social workers and medical personnel.” I’m sure that strategy on de-escalation would have got the Nazi’s to surrender. The only thing the violent understand is greater violence and greater strength. I have never seen an exception to this in my entire life. Most people can be reasoned with, appealed to, dealt with patience, and often mercy, love and gentleness can eventually win them over.

Not so with the violent. Not those with that merciless predatory nature. They understand one thing and one thing only. You go right to violence immediately and don’t stop until they are literally beaten into submission or dead. If you get hurt or killed, do your best to die well and to take the perpetrator with you, and your fellow warrior takes your place.

There are 900,000 police officers, and if half of 1% are bad or racist, then prosecute those 4500 officers to the fullest extent of the law. It appears that Derek Chauvin may have been one of them. But irrespective of the inappropriate way Floyd died, they have people waiting in lines for hours and hours in North Carolina to see the golden casket of Mr. Floyd, the criminal, as if he is mother Theresa. People protesting worldwide on 3 continents, London, Paris, and the rest of Europe, Asia, Australia, over a lie, over something that doesn’t exist systematic racism existing in law enforcement or for that matter in America. America’s corporations saying the same thing, our own race of whites saying the same thing. They all lie and no one takes a stand. Drew Brees and his wife made a full apology over being patriotic. both decent people but no backbone.

I don’t judge those who don’t have as much physical courage as others may have. That’s why the description accompanying the medal for heroism says that the soldier, “Displayed courage beyond the call of duty.” As we all have different gifts. The potential consequences here are severe; death, loss of limbs, horrible agonizing pain. They deserve that medal.

What about those who are afraid to stand for the conservative values that are necessary for the survival of our nation, that they themselves believe in? Much less for their Christian faith? They’re afraid to post on social media and apologize for telling the truth, and cower down before these immoral hypocritical dishonest bigots, who call light darkness and darkness light, who repress free speech, hate their own country, hate patriots, and hate everything good, noble, and right. What are they so afraid of? What are their potential consequences?

Are you ready for this? They are afraid that they may get blasted on social media. Not death or torture. Not having their fingernails pulled out. But only that some people won’t “like” them. So what? Who in the world cares what these vile people, who call light darkness and darkness light, and hate everything good, noble, and right, think of you?

The leftists, I understand them. I expect them to be what they are. At least they have the strength, to stand up for what they believe, than the cowardly conservatives, apologizing endlessly, kneeling, and begging for forgiveness in some kind of misplaced martyrdom. It is really pitiful to watch, to be ashamed of so many of my fellow Americans. No wonder Jesus said, “I wish you were cold or hot, but because you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth.” What Christians have been saying about biblical prophecy concerning a one world government, or “globalism” in modern vernacular? You can sure see the seeds of this in operation now, with millions and millions of people being so easily persuaded by a lie and blindly following a false narrative worldwide. They hate God. They hate truth. They hate America.

President Trump is an enemy to globalism and they have to get rid of him. I don’t know how he is going to survive all the forces arrayed against him, 90 % of the media, political commentators, Hollywood, our educators, even our top military generals it seems. It’s so complete, and so irrational for so many people to hate their own country, the system and values that has given them everything they have, hate patriots who love their country , hate… even their own race, all makes me conclude that this whole thing is of course mainly spiritual. It’s too illogical to explain in any other way. Of course for Christians we have to remember that our kingdom is not of this world, it’s all going to hell in a hand basket anyway but it is so hard to watch.

The committed Christians among us are all jealous for the Lord’s name his righteousness and his ways, Just as the apostle Paul’s spirit was provoked and in turmoil as he saw the godlessness in Athens in the book of acts, and a man after God’s own heart, King David, said, “oh Lord, how I hate those who hate you.” We are all most surely of the same mind, and most definitely should not apologize for it.

For Christians to have this passive milquetoast response of kneeling in identifying with their “cause” or washing the feet of the BLM protestors, and saying “we must love them and pray for them,” are all hiding under the guise of “loving our brother, we must love our enemies.” They are COWARDS, every last one of them. They are disgraceful. And I’ll tell you something else. They have very little passion and love for God.

When David says how he hates those who hate the Lord, it is because he loves the Lord passionately, will all of his heart and all of his mind and all of his strength. When you don’t, your spirit is not “provoked” like the apostle Paul. Their cowardice brings shame on Christianity and rather than attract people to Christianity by being so “loving” they repulse people from Christianity for being utterly spineless, cowardly, and disgustingly passive in the face of this evil. It’s a bane on evangelism.

When Jesus spoke about loving your enemies or turning the other cheek, he was talking about personal relationships. What we see going on is not that. The leftist hate God with all that is in them. They can’t get Him because He is in heaven and omnipotent. So they hate the Judeo Christian values that reflect God, and hate anyone who represents them whether Christians or non-religious political conservatives, or any country, or any institutions that were founded on those values or reflects them.

This is the only way to explain the irrational vitriol they feel toward a value system that has founded this country and given them more prosperity, safety, and comfort than any other nation in the world and that immigrants flock to.

After the Trump era is over, we are going to be in big trouble. Not mainly because of the leftists, we are always going to have them. It’s because of the cowardice of those who know better, but won’t take a stand.

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2 replies on “Op-Ed: Law and Order”

Thank you for a perfect analysis. Bevelyn Beatty called out the white people washing the feet of black people on her video, “Dear White People” on just how spiritually damaging it is for all concerned. We have been very blessed to have lived in a country where many could live their whole lives without a backbone. Those times are over. We all need to develop some chutzpa or sisu or whatever language works but, strength.

Isaiah 6:8
“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.”
Mr. Bishop stated exactly how it is, the level of violence in human beings has risen to such a high level there is no reasoning with them. Violence is of no concern to them. That is what the public that supports such stupidity of defunding police departments doesn’t understand. Our Founders believed it was up to the citizens to defend and protect our communities, keep order. It is time citizens stop bowing to these groups as Mr. Bishop states and protect their communities. Send me.

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