President Obama Sings the Same Off Key Song in Boise that He Sang in Washington.

Predictions aside, it is unfortunate for the conservationists there was no mention of the Boulder White Clouds in his speech, but this was a plus for those who want to take control of our land from the feds. The reason to worry is that he has 2 more years to issue an executive order and declare the Boulder White Clouds a National Monument.

President Obama could have sent us a recording of last night’s speech and played golf yesterday, but then again he is out there raising money for the Democratic Party. Here is a president who graduated from Harvard, but hasn’t got a clue about economics. He takes carefully selected numbers and dates to weave and craft a story about how well the country is doing when in fact no one in the middle class feels they are doing any better than they were 6 years ago. Trouble is that they are actually doing worse as median annual income for a family of four has dropped an average $3,500 in the past 5 years. He says our unemployment rate has fallen when in actuality it’s because so many workers have dropped out of the work force. We have the lowest labor participation rate in 35 years at 62.7%.

He talked about how gas prices have dropped. That is no thanks to his administration which has made drilling for oil and gas nearly impossible on federal land. The reason we have a glut of gas and oil is because entrepreneurs have gone out on private land using private funds to explore for new sources of oil and gas. It’s because of new technology in extraction that they have been very successful in their efforts. These jobs have accounted for over 40% of the new jobs created in the last 5 years. The government had nothing to do with increasing jobs, and in fact they hindered new jobs with more government regulation on industry.

The President spoke of the increase in GDP because of his administration’s efforts when it was the over $500 billion spent for the exploration for oil and gas which accounted for the increase and had nothing to do with his policies. He talks about closing loop holes for the wealthy and increasing the capital gains tax. Historically this has never worked and will only decrease investment and capital gains taxes. You increase investment and productivity by cutting taxes, not raising them. All the time, he is talking about raising taxes on the rich he is figuring out how much to raise the federal gas tax for his infrastructure projects. He also plans to charge the middle class for his free (cost $60 billion) Community College by taxing college savings accounts and higher capital gains..

Since Obama took office, our debt has just about doubled from $9 trillion to $18 trillion, maybe he will just have Janet Yellen order the fed to print another trillion or so for the cost of his new give away for free ideas. As we all know there are limits to our charge cards, but unfortunately the president seems to think there is no limit on his since he is using OPM (other people’s money). As England’s Distinguished Prime Minister Margret Thatcher once said “The trouble with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money.” If you are wondering why you feel so poor it’s because the president has been picking our pockets for the last six years leaving everyone with less HOPE and more Change.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the birth and death rates of American small businesses crossed the line for the first time in 2008, and new business creation in this country has been on the decline ever since. This past year 470,000 businesses closed as opposed to 400,000 new ones forming. This does not bode well for the future of free enterprise. It is not so much the failure of businesses, but the lack in the formation of new ones. In fact we are now number 12 in developed countries in the formation of new businesses. Does anyone understand that about 50% of new jobs are created from the 6 million small businesses in our country?

If we made it easier for entrepreneurs to gain access to capital, reduced government regulations which make it hard to start new businesses and give people some government stability and tax reform, it would encourage entrepreneurs to invest and take risks so we could reverse this problem and bring prosperity back to the middle class. Unfortunately this is not the Obama way, so we will continue down his slippery economic slope for the next two years he is in office.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we need leaders who can turn this country around leaders who can stop the economic bleeding of the middle class, and President Obama is not one of those leaders. He has undoubtedly been the worst president from an economic and regulatory standpoint since Jimmy Carter. You will have an opportunity to rectify this problem in 2016. We ask you to do some homework on the candidates before you go to the polls, and when you do go to vote, VOTE WISELY! Read the resumes this time.

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