Obama’s Backdoor Gun Grab

We were reminded recently that Obama will do anything he can to grab guns legally or administratively. Idaho Republican State Representative Heather Scott brought this to the forefront just last week by defending the right of U.S. Navy Veteran John Arnold of Priest River when the Veterans Affairs office sent him a letter warning him that he cannot possess or purchase fire arms. It seems that our President has been active with his pen and phone and declared that when recipients of Social Security or Veterans checks assign a designated payee to receive and deposit their checks that their names be reported to the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). Once in the system you cannot own or purchase firearms, and there is no place to appeal such a process once your name has been entered into the system. This of course is an egregious disregard for due process, but since when has Obama worried about due process?

Representative Scott has taken up this cause for John Arnold, and we are hoping that Senator Mike Crapo will do the same. Senator Crapo in a recent memo has said he is leading a group of 25 senators in calling on the U.S. Social Security Administration to halt its plan to unfairly target the second amendment rights of millions of Social Security Beneficiaries. The senators have called into question the Obama administration plan to report millions of Social Security beneficiaries to the (NICS). This database was designed to prevent gun sales to felons, drug addicts, illegal or unlawful immigrants and others with questionable backgrounds.

The Gem State Patriot has asked Senator Crapo in a recent radio interview on the Kevin Miller Show if he is going to expand this to include the Veterans Administration, and he assured us that they are also on his radar. We have a rogue president who is showing us that he does not care one iota about our constitution, and it is time to take away his phone and pen by actively opposing him in our Congress and Senate.

It’s ok for veterans to put their lives on the line for their country, but it’s not ok for them to have guns if someone else manages their financial affairs according to a president who has never served. We only have to put up with seventeen more months of his rhetoric, and he will be out of office. This time let’s make sure that everyone voting reads the resume of our candidates before we go to the polls and vote. We can’t afford another mistake like Obama.

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