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No Face Masks? Take the Vaccine?

Finally, off come the masks and on go the smiles in many of our favorite stores for all those who have been vaccinated. BUT how do they know if you have been vaccinated? There’s the rub, THEY DON’T. So tell me, did it really make a difference in those stores and public buildings that required masks, or was it just a situation of how much liability do we have at risk?

Let me tell you, folks, it all had to do with liability on the part of the stores and as for the public buildings it all had to do with control by the politicians. You can now go into a Walmart or Costco without a mask because they trust that you would not enter if you were not vaccinated. In Idaho, 471,000 citizens have been fully vaccinated ranking us 42nd in the nation, so I would guess that Idahoans are not typical of the rest of the country and actually have done some homework on the problems with the vaccine.

No matter, we no longer have to wear masks, and all of those who were fined or arrested because they refused to wear these dumb masks including Amon Bundy now only have to say they were vaccinated and they will gain entry to public and private places of business.

While the number of cases of deaths that have been filed with the Vaccine Compensation Board continues above 4,000, it appears that every time we turn on our TVs, there is another commercial urging more people to get vaccinated. Well, at least the drug companies who make the vaccines are happy as they continue to roll in the bucks with absolutely no liability whatsoever.

Even though more Doctors continue to warn people about the dangers associated with these vaccines, people continue to march into hospitals and pharmacies to get their dose of this experimental drug. Does the vaccine really work or have we actually reached herd immunity and getting the vaccine is only giving those who are vulnerable a sense of security? Remember that 99.7% of the people who get Covid will recover, so will this turn out to be the biggest hoax ever played on the American People or for that matter the world?

Yes, people are dying but then people are dying every day; it’s just that now we have something else to blame it on instead of the many other diseases that contribute to the number of daily deaths. We even heard of a friend who was killed in a motorcycle accident and they listed it as a Covid death.

This has been one of the best times to be in the hospital business as they continue to receive CARES money for covid cases but continue to lay off personal. I only hope that the American people aren’t as dumb as the government thinks they are and that there will be retribution in the 2022 elections to get rid of the phonies in government who have played a part in this huge hoax on everyone who was dumb enough to trust their elected officials. Six trillion dollars later and inflation climbing higher each month fighting a disease that has a 99.7% recovery rate. This is government-induced insanity and as they continue to push a vaccine that had limited testing we have seen the number of deaths from covid drop like a rock.

You talk a lot about if employers should have the right to require their employees to get the covid vaccine. My question is are they willing to take on the responsibility to compensate any employee that dies from the vaccine or has a debilitating reaction to it? No one knows how this vaccine will affect them, so anyone who takes this vaccine is taking a risk. Two weeks ago my wife took our dog to the vet for a skin condition and told the vet that he had not been exposed to a lot of medications in his life and has been treated by a holistic veterinarian. They gave her an antibiotic for the skin condition but failed to tell her that there was a possibility our dog could have an allergic reaction causing anaphylactic shock that could kill him. We had him on the drug for a couple of days and sure enough, the dog died as the drug built up in his system.

So do I blame the vet for not informing my wife of the dangers or do I blame myself for giving him the drug? It is no different than requiring people to take the covid vaccine and not telling people that it has had only limited testing and is not FDA approved — in fact, it does not even meet the definition of a vaccine. Oh, and there is a slight chance you could have a bad reaction to it and or die.

We as Americans have the freedom to choose what is put into our bodies and when that becomes a thing of the past so will our freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. So enjoy the smiles that you see on the faces of the people you meet until the next virus comes along and government takes over once again and places us under Martial law.

If we don’t change our government, you can be sure they will change our country for the worse, so make sure you know who and what you’re voting for in the upcoming 2022 elections.

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