Millennial Blues

Millennials, your sense of entitlement is showing. The cry-ins, worn out chants (Hey, hey, ho ho…), and collective social outrage mirrors the leftist indoctrination that you’ve been captive to since kindergarten. I’m sorry there weren’t better choices for you when you started your education journey. But now you have arrived at a predetermined destination prepared especially for you by compassionate, inclusive and multicultural minded academics. You know how to recycle your empty soda cans, you’ve learned to be intolerant of ideologies that don’t fit the social justice agenda and you know the founding fathers were slave owners. But you can’t earn a living and despise the time honored solutions that could set you free.

Unfortunately all the good will and heartfelt hugs that nurtured your educational odyssey will not pay that student debt you’re carrying. The fine arts degree in cultural studies won’t pay a living wage and moving sprinkler pipe for $7.50/hour is out of the question. After all, you are a college graduate for gosh sakes!

Please watch this video that uses satire to make the point most dramatically and then carry on reading about real education solutions for those you love.

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Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that your children or grandchildren end up so poorly prepared for a life of fulfillment. A world of opportunity awaits those who wish to rise above the mediocre and reach for the stars. And yes, readers, you can make a world of difference for those who you care for. Help us reform the current monopoly that big government and outside interest have on your children’s education and future. Help us start here in Idaho at your local school district and then all across the State.

Idahoans for Local Education, Stephanie Zimmerman, Mila Wood, Representative Ron Nate and Representative-elect Dorothy Moon are hosting a rally at the Capitol steps January 30, 2017 at 10:00 AM to end Common Core in Idaho. They are sponsoring Dr. Duke Pesta, Academic Director Freedom Project Education, to speak at this event. Dr. Pesta has spent the last few years speaking out against Common Core. He is one of the nation’s foremost experts on the federal takeover of public education, testifying before a number of state legislatures.

Dr. Pesta will be available in Boise to discuss alternative online education and to help establish K-12 schools throughout Idaho. If you have a student who looks forward to a brighter future please contact me. If you or your church would like to sponsor a school, please get back with me to schedule a meeting Saturday January 28th in Boise. Your church and church group can offer an exceptional education alternative to your children without the overhead of staff. Please take this opportunity to change the direction of education and offer new roads ahead for our dead end system.

The Freedom Academy has a record of successful graduates and is Common Core free teaching the methods of critical thinking in a Christian environment. You can learn more about Freedom Project Academy here. Please pay them a visit.

You can find this information on my Facebook Page. Please pass along and share with your friends.

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