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Liberal Media is like a Malignant Cancer

The real loser in this presidential election wasn’t Hillary Clinton but the entire Western Mainstream media. Just in case anyone hasn’t noticed they aren’t letting up on their criticism of our president elect although I hear they took a good dressing down at Trumps meeting with them. They’re claiming everything from chaos in the transition to lobbyists picking cabinet positions neither of which is true. You have to admit the left is swinging with both arms hoping they will hit something but the problem is there is no target to hit.

His transition is ahead of schedule and he is taking his time to make sure he has the right people for the jobs he is filling unlike the Obama transition which picked only those that were instrumental in getting him elected.

The Liberal media has been a malignant cancer growing in power for the past 30 years in this country that could not be stopped by conventional means. Trump is by no means conventional but the alternative medicine that will if not kill it will cripple this cancer to the point that they will become ineffective in swaying public opinion in the future. I predict that we are going to see many more of the liberal publications and TV programs go down in flames from lack of interest as more people understand that they are not capable of telling the truth and are only there to serve their elite masters who would like to take control of every aspect of our lives.

We are about to enter a new era in American history where the people of this country are more important than the politicians. Trump is a master at marketing and is smart in keeping quiet on prosecution of Hillary as that would just create more fodder for the media and the Hillary supporters to criticize him. It will be up to his AG to decide if there is enough reason to prosecute Hillary or any of her side kicks and we will just have to wait for that decision. Should they decide to not prosecute as Kellyanne Conway has said, I doubt that we will see or hear much from a very embarrassed Hillary or her morally unacceptable husband in the future.

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If I were Hillary I would be more worried about the Middle East potentates who contributed to her foundation and will get nothing for it. They just might be looking for a refund.

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