This Map is a Matter of Perspective

You’re either looking at America from a Canadian’s view point or America is upside down.


We are now a nation of, by and for the government, promoting good will to the antithesis of Christianity (Muslims who want to kill all Christians), tolerating Sharia Law violating our Constitution, illegal benefits to illegal aliens, ignoring our most treasured citizens, our veterans, uncontrollably spending money we don’t have, ignoring laws that need enforcing and killing our vital lifeblood commerce with strangulating laws and regulations.


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The only reason that things have gotten this bad is that Americans have been shirking our responsibilities as citizens. We are supposed to be a nation of, by and for the people. But ‘by the people‘ is sorely missing. It is our government and we are not running it. We are shamefully believing that others will run it for us correctly. However, they are not. They are running it in their own interests which generally satisfies the edicts of their special interests and establishment handlers. We have given up our citizen responsibilities to educate ourselves on issues and informing others and most certainly we have not been watching voting records and purging the guilty elected officials that disregard their oaths of office and violations of their public’s trust. People in less fortunate countries would give anything to have our opportunities to make a difference.


As I’m writing this I am remembering Winston Churchill’s telling the British nation how they must fight the Nazi’s. So I will say that we must fight the establishment at the voting booth. We must fight them in the press or alternative media. We must fight them in our state houses, our county seats and in our local commissions. We must fight the socialist agenda of Common Core in public schools and especially in the universities. To fight them most effectively we must first educate ourselves with original source materials with the help of resourceful conservative organizations and then inform others. For we need an awakened citizenry to take back our heretofore wonderful constitutionally run nation of laws from the jackals of the establishment. We shall never surrender!

“Trump, Cruz – Patriots or Partners with World Elite?” by Chelene Nightingale at is one of the most informative and insightful articles I’ve ever read. It reads very easily flowing through a lot of facts with links that really educates well on why were are where we are now and what must be done about it. Irrespective of her political conclusion and anyone else’s conclusions currently it is a must read explaining the world of “the establishment” including neocons, globalists, the CFR, Bilderbergers, and more. I think this article is a MUST READ!


There’s a very simple way of identifying which elected representatives need replacing in our Idaho statehouse and in Congress in Washington. You study The Freedom Indexes for both bodies which shows exactly how they vote with criteria in keeping with the Constitution and then cull them at the voting box. Here in Idaho The Freedom Index is published by by ‘The Idaho Freedom Foundation.’

For the U.S. Congress see “The Freedom Index at A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution” which rates congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements. In this second 6 month session of the 114th Congress just completed on January 25th, here is how abysmally our congressmen and senators in Washington, D.C. voted with the Constitution: U.S. House 44% and U.S. Senate 47%. So there you see now why we are where we are.

Don’t count on a thing politicians say, only believe what you see and judge them on how they vote!

The terrible voting records revealed in the two The Freedom Indexes, are exactly the explanation for why we are rapidly becoming a socialistic society and our Republic is in danger of evolving into losing our national sovereignty and becoming first a member state of a regional government like a North American Union or Trans Pacific Union overseen by the corrupt UN, and then on to a world government run by unaccountable, unelected global power elitists who know what’s best for us about everything.

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” – President Abraham Lincoln

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