Lincoln Day Dinner – Hope for the Future & Why Trump Lost

Patriotism is alive and Well in Council Idaho: I had the good fortune to be able to attend the annual Lincoln day Dinner in Council this past Saturday and to sit at a table with Congressman Fulcher and former Constitutional Attorney Christ Troupis. This was one of the most encouraging gatherings I have attended in many years especially after the last election debacle. The people in Adams and Washington county are the real deal American patriots that I believe have been awoken by the new “Woke Mania” that has spread across our country like an out-of-control\ wildfire. I have not attended a Lincoln Dinner in years mostly because it consisted with the usual RINOs attending strutting about showing off their horns and ignoring the common folk who pay their salaries.

This dinner was much different because there was only one RINO in the room and he was sitting quietly at his table surrounded by true conservatives. That RINO was Representative Ryan Kerby. This is one of the cronies we want to expose as a Republicrat. That is someone who runs for election as a Republican because they know it would be impossible for them to win a race as a democrat. Mr. Kerby has an outstanding voting record if he were actually a democrat as the Freedom Foundation gave him a 57 on their Freedom Index. Unfortunately his co-conspirator Senator Abby Lee did not have the same courage to show her face at this dinner as she does not take criticism very well and for sure would have gotten an ear full with her Freedom Index score of 51.

McGeachin for Governor?? While everyone was content that there were no Republican cronies from the party hierarchy that showed up like Luna or Little they were cheering for our Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin who made a great speech and let the establishment cronies of the party have it with both barrels. Her speech made me realize that we have a real potential candidate to face Chicken Little next year in the primaries. Janice has come a long way in garnering the affection of conservatives around our great state and she got a standing ovation for her direct approach criticism of how the people of Idaho have been treated by Governor Little and the crony establishment leadership this past year. This was definitely a speech of a person who wants to see change in our state and it looks like she might willing to put her money where her mouth is. This lady has done her homework and she gets an A for accuracy in everything she said so you can expect to see more of this lady as I believe she is setting the stage for a run as governor of our state.

Why Trump Lost the Wisconsin Recount: I wish everyone could have listened to the talk that Christ Troupis gave concerning his involvement in the recount of votes in Wisconsin for the presidential election. Christ had been practicing law since 1976 and retired in 2016 with a long history of taking on many worthy but unpopular cases. To give you an example his first case was in 1976 in Chicago defending the Jesus People, street preachers who were being falsely accused of brainwashing the drug addicts they rescued from Chicago streets. Christ also ran for Attorney General for Idaho in 2014 but alas the people of Idaho didn’t listen and reelected our current RINO Lawrence Wasden. Christ was abruptly called back to work by his brother Jim another attorney who lives in Wisconsin to help him with a recount of the ballots for the presidential election in that state. Christ and his brother had identified four distinct categories of defective ballots. Altered absentee ballot envelopes, absentee ballots without a written application verifying the identity and status of the voter, ballots harvested at Democracy in the park events sponsored by the Dane County Clerk in Madison and the expansion of indefinitely confined states from people permanently confined in nursing homes to anyone claiming that covid prevented them from going out to vote in person.

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Wisconsin laws were very clear on all these categories and they knew they could identify the illegal votes with precision. For that reason, and because Wisconsin had paper ballots, the President’s legal team considered Wisconsin to be the lynchpin for the national election. While 40% of Americans already doubted the fairness of the election. IF they could overturn the results in Wisconsin, the trump team felt that public sentiment would shift dramatically and the other states would fall like dominoes. In other words, the fate of the nation hung in the balance.

This was a huge undertaking since all Wisconsin ballots are paper and had to be handled one at a time so they limited the recount to the counties with Wisconsin’s two major cities Milwaukee and Madison which is where most of the ballot harvesting had taken place. They had to review 1.4 million ballots and 650,000 absentee ballot applications and envelopes and only had 10 days to complete the audit. In Madison, they objected to 90,673 ballots that were still counted, even though there4 was no basis under Wisconsin law to count them. Milwaukee was even worse. Its board counted 130650 ballots that were clearly illegal under Wisconsin law.

To give you an idea of what was happening the Dane County Clerk set up over 200 ballot collection sites throughout the city of Madison which were totally unsupervised drop boxes in violation of state law in coordination with the Democratic Party to harvest ballots. They didn’t have access to how many ballots were illegally harvested until a life-long Democratic and Madison City Attorney, agreed to give a sworn affidavit with the exact number. He admitted there were 17,271 illegal votes cast in that category alone. The entire vote difference in the Wisconsin election was only 20,427 votes allowing Biden to win.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission was unwilling to follow the law and throw out the illegal ballots, and they filed suit in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This should have been a slam dunk as the other side did not dispute any of the facts presented and had no response to their claims that 221,323 illegal ballots were cast in the Wisconsin Presidential election. There was no response to the claim that if there was a drawdown as required by Wisconsin law, President Trump would have won the state by more than 60,000 votes consistent with those from every other battleground state. Unfortunately, this was a charged political case so the rule of law flew out the window. It was also noted by Christ this was a coordinated effort in Wisconsin. It was coordinated IN Green Bay by a Zuckerberg (aka Facebook} operative had funneled money to all of the clerks in every county as a “public service”, but the money had strings attached. Those strings were that clerks put out blue drop boxes to collect ballots, allow other people to collect the deposit ballots, and give a wink and a nod to the requirements of voter ID, witnesses and checks by the clerks.

In the end, it should be noted that the court was comprised of 4 Republicans and 3 Democrats. All the facts and law were on Trump’s side and they should have easily won but they did not get a fair hearing and lost the case by one vote. Can you guess what happened? One RINO on the bench a Republican justice simply did not have the integrity to hear the evidence and apply the law and sided with the 3 Democrats. Seems that has been happening a lot lately and if we don’t turn this around soon and get rid of these democrats posing as republicans we will never get any justice in a system that was made to protect its citizens.

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