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Letter to the Editor by Darr Moon

Dear Patriots,

The coercive nature of all political experience rears its ugly head once again dressed up as SB1067, a crumb left on the table at the close of Idaho’s last legislative session. Should Idaho’s legislators fall to the notion that federal money drives all good, money that will eventually be collected from yet unborn tax payers, then we honor the despotism of centralized government and hold no truths or principles of our founding evident.

“It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.” Thomas Jefferson

The mob style rehash of SB1067 is apparently a proposal one cannot refuse. The tactic is now common practice, plea that federal dollars can cure the suffering of a nation while foreclosing the sovereign nature of states in a federal republic. My grief at such malfeasants toward our Constitution and burdened youth leaves me with little but sarcastic prose to sooth my troubled mind.

Christ Troupis Book

You can read more about SB1067 at the following links:

Analysis from the Idaho Statesman, read the comments at the end to understand the foment agitators of independence have against constitutional thinkers.

A copy of the proposed bill on the Governors website:

Great analysis from Vicky Davis at Channeling Reality:

Contact your representatives and demand they vote no on SB1067 before May 18th. Help preserve our State Sovereignty by cutting the federal masters cord of money strings that continues to erode our social conscience while robbing our youths future.

In Liberty,

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