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Legislators Trapped by their Voting Record

In Reply to a Recent Statesman Article on the Idaho Freedom Foundation:

Wayne Hoffman is a man of honor, who fights for freedom and liberty for the citizens of Idaho. Kelley Packer has an affinity for going after anyone who tries to tell the truth about her voting record as it is not a pretty one to stare at. Garnering a -42 for the 2015 Idaho Freedom Index, it’s no wonder that she is protesting. Get over it, Representative Packer, you cast the votes, not someone else. You claim to be a conservative, but vote like a democratic liberal progressive.

Does anyone remember the fight that took place in 2015 over Rule 20 attacking Naturopathic care in Idaho and basically trying to run them out of business? This whole story was brought to light by a former legislative opponent of Packer’s, one Lance Earl, who wrote about this argument that was taking place in the Senate Health and Welfare committee. In his article he states that Dr. West a Chiropractor felt that not only he but all Naturopathic physicians were threatened by HB181 a naturopathic licensing bill which threatened to invalidate naturopathic physician credentials if they were not earned at one of a few select universities. Read the whole story here.

I urge you to read the article as it shows you who Mrs. Packer really is. Fred Wood is no friend of the naturopathic physicians in Idaho, and I believe he would like to see them gone. Fred wields a lot of power as head of the House Health and Welfare Committee and along with Kelley as Vice Chair they usually get their way.

Kelley Packer’s voting record is something to be proud of if you’re a Democrat running for another term. Her record is so bad that four Democratic representatives actually came in with higher scores than her, McCrostie, Chew, Nye, and Gannon. All one needs to do is to pull up the contributions records of Mrs. Packer to find out that the list of donors is like reading through the Board of Directors at IACI (Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry) who are like the K street lobbyists in Washington D.C. You will also find a list of Idaho’s health insurers, or as we like to call them the Medical Mafia. It’s not hard to tell whose bidding Rep. Packer does. It’s as plain as the contributions report and tells a story where Mrs. Packer’s loyalties lie. It’s not with the public that elected her to office it’s with the cronies that supply her year after year with enough funds in her reelection coffers to defeat anyone who might decide to challenge her.

Rep. Packers attack on the IFF is a continuation of repetitious attacks that have been taking place for the past year and a half, and you can bet that our friends at IACI are behind the whole scheme to discredit them. I’m sure Mrs. Packer will be well paid for her story when it comes to contributions for her 2016 election war chest to win yet another term so she can do the corporate lobbyists bidding for two more years. That is unless someone steps up and stops her. I fail to see how the citizens of McCammon could actually vote her into office for a 3rd term unless they are all fast asleep or just don’t care about how their state is run.

It’s nice to see that Bill Dentzer is no different than his buddy Bill Roberts in how they report in the most biased way they know how. Mr. Dentzer, take a look back to your story in Sept. of 2015 where you tell us where the money comes from for campaign donations, or did you forget you wrote that story. Once again the Statesman proves our point that they are only here to sell newspapers and advertisements for the corporate cronies who are the real power behind our state legislators.

This article and others before it are a pure and simple attack on the only entity that actually does something to promote freedom, free enterprise and liberty in the state of Idaho. It is a sad commentary, although not unusual, that the dyed in the wool liberal media has no choice but to attack the truth at every point they can because it’s the truth. Thank you Wayne Hoffman and the members of the Idaho Freedom Foundation for your hard work in trying to keep our public officials on the right track and informing our voting public when they stray from expectations.

“We get the Government We Deserve.”