Kayla Dunn Announces Candidacy for Idaho Senate, District 9

Caldwell, Idaho (March, 14th 2022) Kayla Dunn announces her candidacy for Idaho senate 2022 with a compelling YouTube campaign video, titled “Keep Idaho Red.”

“I am pleased to announce my Candidacy for the Idaho state senate district 9. I have been a fierce fighter for school choice, medical freedom, and parental rights. I plan on taking the grassroots experience I have into the statehouse in order to give power back to the people.”

 Dunn is known for her work in the community, serving as a parental rights and community advocate. Dunn led and organized Idaho’s first anti mandate rally for healthcare workers .Dunn served as the state director for power2parent parental rights organization. Dunn assisted and trained parents in school board activism. Dunn also works as an education advocate. Recently, Dunn worked with education coalition members on Idaho’s most recent school choice bill, HB669.

As a black woman, Dunn has been outspoken against Critical race theory. Dunn believes that CRT is an insult to all people especially people of color. Dunn has been a special guest on Newsmax with Greg Kelly, speaking about the dangers of critical race theory and how she believes it to be the new Jim Crow. Dunn has also been a featured guest on Fox News, KID radio with Steph Lucas, Nate Shelman, The Voice of Conservative values with Daniel Bobinski, KMVT Twin Falls for healthcare workers, Kevin Miller, AJ Steel and more.

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Dunn lives with her husband, who is a navy veteran, in Caldwell, Idaho. They have 5 children and 2 dogs. Dunn humbly ask for the support of the people and the opportunity to serve them to restore integrity and trust in our elected officials.

Dunn is deeply committed to her faith in God. Dunn believes that her faith is the reason she is a conservative. Dunn said “If God allows me to win my seat, I promise to continue to be a servant to the people of Idaho because that is what we are called to do, serve.”

To learn more about Kayla Dunn and her campaign, visit

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Thank you for the video 8ntroducing yourself on YouTube. If you actually are who you purport yourself to be, (and I WILL be investigating you) you’ve got my vote.

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