Brenda Bourn Announces Campaign for U.S. Senate

Brenda Bourn has announced her candidacy for the US Senate. Brenda is a conservative Republican who is asking for your vote in the Republican Primary on May 17th.

As Brenda enters into politics, she is driven by her faith in God who has blessed the United States of America with freedom, and her belief that our government is of the people, and for the people of Idaho and the United States of America. These core beliefs will lead Brenda as she serves the people of our great nation!

As a Native American and Native Conservative Idahoan, Brenda believes that for far too long, the political elite have had a stranglehold on a political system that favors the few who have enough money and power to rule over the general populous of our land. The America that was founded by great leaders like John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, who threw off the shackles of dictatorship (remember King George and the power of England) and placed the power to rule in the hands of the citizens, is in jeopardy of being lost forever unless someone fights to once again place the power of government in the hands of America’s citizens.

Brenda Bourn believes in a government where average citizens, like her, can stand together to make a difference now and in the future for our kids and grandkids. Political insiders on both sides of the aisle no longer believe the average American can run and be successful in the political arena. Being new to politics, political organizations often dismiss and discourage Brenda because she is not known by the insiders and because she does not have deep financial pockets. But when she meets and interacts with the general voting population of Idaho, she is applauded for taking a stand for freedom and shaking up the status quo of the political landscape in Idaho and across the nation. When the political establishment doubts and discourages and the common citizens encourage and applaud, Brenda knows that she is on the right track and making a difference for the people who make America great!

Brenda Bourn is ready to fight for the citizens of Idaho and the United States to ensure that they are empowered to have a voice in the political process. Brenda Bourn is dedicated to working hard to return the power to rule to the citizens of our great land. Now’s the time to take that power to rule out of the hands of the political elite who are owned by big corporations whose only interest is protecting their own power and financial bottom line. Money and power in politics have created a governing system that needs to be stopped! Now is the time to give our country back to the people! Now is the time to return to a government ofthe people for the people.

As America sees its freedoms continue to erode away, Brenda believes that we must fight to stop that erosion. The freedoms that our founding fathers granted us in the Constitution are critical to our American way of life, and Brenda Bourn believes that we (average citizens across our nation) can fight to protect those freedoms and preserve America for generations to come.

Together, average citizens can stop the downward spiral of elitist government. The people of Idaho and every state across our great Nation can make a difference, and they can stand together to protect freedom and the American way of life. Citizens can and must speak up and take action, because now’s the time to return the power of politics to the people!

Stand with Brenda to give the power of government back to the people. You can contact Brenda at or call her at 986-777-9476. Please visit Brenda Bourn’s website at

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Glad to see a Christian Run and some who wants to make a stand for our rights as individuals.

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