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The rumor mill is running full steam ahead in anticipation of the many deals that will be made at the Governor’s Cup in Sun Valley. Allegedly overheard in my dream by a colleague of mine in the steam room at the Downtown “Y” was a conversation about how naive the “Trumpers” are in our State about the gubernatorial primary election. One of them—according to my source opined that if their remained 2-3 Conservatives in the race Little Brad could win the primary with only 33% of the vote. The challenge for the RINOs supporting our current Governor is to keep as many Conservative candidates in the race for as long a time as possible.

To pull this off one of the group suggested that a “facility” be established so that donors who are sympathetic to the current establishment regime could contribute to the various Conservative Candidates and funds could be diverted in such a way as to support the weaker candidates. Money that would normally be donated to the campaign of Governor Little’s could be donated to the “facility” and then be redistributed. Many of the traditional established lobbyists could then be given cover and be able to say that they are contributing not just to our current Governor’s campaign, but equally to his opponents. In fact, they would be contributing in such a way to the weaker candidates insuring that their side gets at least a 33% plurality—and once again wins without getting a majority vote of their own party. Harry Reid used this strategy on more than one occasion in Nevada to win at least two Senate Campaigns.

A third person chimed in and said it was a shame that our Governor’s current campaign couldn’t directly contribute to the conservatives making him look to be the benevolent man that he truly is. That’s what they do in countries like Bulgaria and Russia. All campaign funds are distributed by the government that has at its head the ruling person who is a candidate themselves. Is there really a difference in our State between the various lobbyists—IACI/CofC/IMA/IHA/Teachers Unions/The insurance lobbies and the various government agencies and bureaus—think IHA-IMA and The Department of Health and Welfare, or The Department of Education and the Teachers Unions?

In fact, it was suggested that by contributing to the opponent’s campaign and getting a lazy press to show that campaign contributions for all candidates are pretty much equal, they could prove that the primary election for Governor wasn’t won on the backs of lobbyists and elite moneyed contributors, but rather on the merits of the candidate’s arguments and presentations throughout the campaign.

At the end of the dream from out of a steam fog, came the voice of MITT ROMNEY. “Don’t you remember when I won the Republican nomination in Idaho in 2012? Most Republicans in Idaho thought I was a conservative—and they voted for me.

All you have to do in Idaho is tell the voters that you are a conservative and they will vote for you.” Look at who we have representing us in Congress—RINOs all except for Russ Fulcher, but that is understandable after one lives most of their adult life in Washington and gets “foggy bottom fever” Crapo in his bachelor pad has forgotten what Idaho values are and same with Mike Simpson. God Bless Jim Risch probably the smartest person to serve Idahoans since Frank Church—prescient he about the dangers of the Intelligence communities, and also of Intelligence Committee fame, but how could he justify to Idahoans his vote today for the “stimulus package”—who are they stimulating —lobbyists who fund their campaigns? Not Idahoans. Not conservatives

The fix has been in for a long time and unless conservatives come together and support one candidate we will get more of the same, and if we don’t come together, we deserve just that.

We can all wonder for the rest of the campaign which candidates are being supported by the “facility”? —hmmmmmmm.

But this was all just a dream

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