Israel, Iran and the United States Constitutional Crisis

Israel’s recent elections, the ongoing negotiations with Iran to allegedly control that Islamic nation’s access to nuclear weapons and the ongoing dissolution of Constitutional government in the United States are all segments of the same situation. Israel’s voter turnout is in the range of over 80% and it not mandatory as was recently suggested by the President.

Barak Husyan Obama was elected as President after a totally undistinguished career as a community organizer and adjunct professor. His record as an Illinois legislator, US Representative and US Senator are as a single void of accomplishment or hint of leadership. His associations with radicals and terrorists have been ignored by a fawning mainstream media that saw his rise as the “scoop of the century” and not only bought in to the fable but enhanced it into fantasy. Their investment in the image has produced fatal results. ( In the last two years of a contradictory administration that promised hope and change, he delivered change but no hope. An increasingly isolated Oval Office accessible to only a few handlers and spokespersons has closed out any reality and generates a mix of contradiction, confusion and distrust that has removed the United States from a position of trust and world leadership.

The invitation of Speaker of the House, John Boehner to Prime Minister Netanyahu was declared by the Administration to be a breach of protocol (not a departure from Constitutional Law). ( The snubbing by the Administration, a number of Democrats and much of the mainstream media coverage was an affront to a large majority of Americans and to the people of Israel. It was properly noted that the thunderous reception of the Prime Minister’s remarks was far in advance of the cheers from the fans at the State of the Union address. Something is seriously wrong when a visiting head of State is compared to Churchill and the President is ranked with Neville Chamberlain.

The Prime Minister delivered a characteristic, straightforward warning to the Congress of the United States about the ongoing negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. In regard to its highly developed nuclear program which has or is ready to produce a nuclear warhead he sounded a warning based on “boots on the ground” experience. The Tehran government has declared its “death to America” chant and promised consistently to keep its promise since the 1980’s. Its second goal is the obliteration of Israel and all Jews. Enhancing this is the Islamic concept of the Mahdi, the rebirth of the 12th Imam who will unite all Muslims in an apocalyptic event to force the remaining infidels into submission to Islam. ( trappings and technology aside, this is the ultimate goal of Tehran’s nuclear program. Until the Western mind can delve into the mindset of the Iranians as well as the Iraq/Syria Caliphate a catastrophic collision is on schedule. The Administration’s insistence on dealing with the 7th century mind of Jihadists as 21st century politicians, Netanyahu’s experience will be ignored at our and the region’s imminent peril.

Complicating this issue on the home front is the persistent departure by the Administration from the Constitution’s assigned duties to the three branches of our Government. Clearly stated, the Congress is to advise and consent on treaties with foreign governments. The uproar over Senator Cotton’s open letter (not sent in secret missive or private email as per the former Secretary of State) to the rulers in Iran regarding the duties of the Congress to advise and consent on treaties is a sideshow orchestrated by a lackey press into finger pointing away from the consistent abuse of Executive power by executive order and secret agendas. Unfortunately the Administration is counting on the short attention span, entertainment saturated media to keep the public uninformed of facts and feed them delicious soundbites instead. The readers of media such as Gem State Patriot know better.

The well-funded attempt by the Administration to influence the elections in Israel is another serious issue that has been ignored by the info-tainment media. Congress is being urged to investigate and indict as necessary the attempts by groups such as OneVoice to sabotage the elections of a friendly government. ( The quick attempt to refile the organization’s 990 tax form suggests a clumsy attempt to divert attention from recent activities. The United States unfortunately has a track record of covert operations to overturn governments that did not fit the plans of whatever administration was in the White House. The Shah of Iran was imposed in the 1950’s when the Mossadegh government was considered too friendly to the Soviets. That government fell with shattering results in 1979 when the Ayatollahs took over. The recent “Arab Spring” where several cooperative but not democratic governments were overturned by United States funds and instigations is another clumsy example. Egypt self-righted, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and now Yemen are firm ground for The Caliphate’s black flag. The United States risked nuclear war over the Ukraine when funding to overthrow the legitimately elected government was provided and Vladimir Putin risked NATO intervention to secure Russia’s historic borders. As Obama drew and re-drew red lines a possible nuclear incident was in the works as the Administration once again claimed it was unprepared for what happened. The persistent drills by long range Tu-95 bombers in Northern Europe and off the US West Coast are obvious Cold War renewals of probing of a defense network that has shrunk since the 1990’s. Intercepts by the remarkable F-22 air superiority fighter are undermined by the Obama Administration’s cancellation of the aircraft. ( As our former and potential enemies build up their military the United States cuts back its own. Incompetence or connivance with a hidden agenda seems to dominate thinking at high places.

The issue at than hand is one that necessitates immediate action, not wishing and hoping for 2016. The Middle East is the key to peace or world submission to Islam. The Congress has begun to act in its assigned role as the body which makes our laws. All Americans have a significant stake in this intellectual and moral battle. Time is running out. We citizens have a right and duty to petition our Congress for redress of these matters of national and indeed world security.

The complex environment of the Middle East comprises a formula for a 1914 type nightmare of complex alliances and relationships. Iran is heavily involved in supply and troops for the entire series of fronts. Russia has been supportive of Syria, the so-called coalition supposedly formed by the “leader-from-the rear” seems to make occasional surgical strikes and no real territory has been re-taken. The persistent denial that the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” is not Islamic is perplexing to the point of insanity. This Caliphate is a State, has an economy, a flag an army and recruits who are global. Groups such as Boko Haram (remember the social media signs and Mrs. Obama?) have pledged allegiance to The Caliphate. (

The world is waiting for an America that once lifted its lamp for free people and led the battle against sociopathic monsters who sought to exterminate others they considered beneath them. The Constitution is our shield and sword and it’s time to go to battle.

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