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Insurrection or Deception to stop Trump’s Reelection

When the Democrats woke up the day after the 2016 presidential election and realized that Donald Trump was the next president of the United States they were not only in shock but fearful that he would expose their terrible corruption in Washington. Trump was the first president that the Washington establishment was afraid of because he was not a member of the good old boys club and they knew if they didn’t neutralize him it would mean the end of their control of America. They were ready to do just about anything and everything to eliminate him from running for president a second time.

First was Russia Gate and a purge of all the people he trusted. Next were attacks by various government agencies like the FBI and NSA which was a testament to the corruption in every sector of Washington’s bureaucracy. They all worked in unison to discredit and take this president down as he presented a clear and present danger to the old guard and their corrupt ways. Trump is a cold calculating numbers man who knew how to run a successful business and applied all of his past experience to running America in a way like it had never been run before. This is why he was so hated by the establishment or should we say the club of corruption. Washington’s bureaucrats had forgotten how to run our country without lying and taking care of the corporate lobbyists who kept them in office. Trump learned at a very young age that if you wanted to build grand buildings you needed the cooperation of the political leaders in charge. He was used to donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to their campaigns to get approval of his next project and was well aware of the corruption that prevailed in government.

Running a country like the U.S. takes a huge staff but also people who you can trust to work with you. Trump started off with a good group, however; slowly but surely the office of the president was infiltrated by the corrupt bureaucrats who did not want him to succeed. What he didn’t realize is that his office was filled with spies for the opposition and would do just about anything to destroy him. They would embarrass him with leaked confidential information to the liberal media and just plain lie about the effectiveness of his policies. In spite of this handicap he was still able to bring about great economic change in our country along with building our military and enhancing the stature of the U.S. throughout the world. America was once again a great and powerful ally and Trump was the enemy for those who would destroy it. The economy flourished under President Trump and America was well on its way to being the world leader both militarily and economically.

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Making America Great Again: Trump never realized how many Rino’s he had surrounding him. It was also a challenge figuring out who the bad guys were that secretly hated Trump because he was not in their corrupt club and would not play ball with their pork filled bills and socialist programs that cost billions of our tax dollars. If he wasn’t being attacked by the press he was being attacked by one of these Rino’s like Romney who to this day I believe is still jealous that Trump got elected and he didn’t. Trump knew after his first year in office that he could not trust many of the people who surrounded him with the exception of Ivanka his daughter and his son in Law Jared who acted as senior advisors. The problem with Trump is he was too successful at running the country but didn’t pay homage to the Washington Bureaucrats and lobbyists which is why they kept throwing roadblocks in front of his management decisions. Washington doesn’t care if you’re successful as long as they get a piece of the pie along the way and that was something that Trump didn’t do. If you want to run our nation’s capital you’re expected to hire the corrupt politicians, lobbyists and bureaucrats who feed off the government teat.

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Once the Democrats gained control of the house in his third year as president the purge began in earnest and America had to endure an unending barrage of media propaganda attempting to derogate president Trump no matter what he did. They criticized everything from his late night tweets to his weight. There was nothing he could do right for the left and the more successful he was at rebuilding and securing our nation the more criticism he had to take. A democratic controlled house of representatives voted twice to impeach Trump but both times the senate could not get the votes to convict even though a group of rino republicans voted with the democrats.

Appropriately President Trump will celebrate his 76th birthday on June 14th Flag Day but will still have to endure the endless diatribes of the liberal media who are tirelessly lying to make him look guilty of inciting the so called insurrection of January 6th. The January 6th event was meant to be a peaceful assembly by American citizens to protest what they considered to be a rigged election. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the documentary “2,000 Mules” By Dinesh D’Souza we highly recommend you take the time to watch it Here for free: as it will show you how this election was corrupted by mail in ballots. While I feel that there was significant corruption to negate the election results this has never happened in our countries history and if it were proven to be true the American people would probably lose all confidence in our election process. The big question was if the election was declared a fraud how could we restore confidence for the American people that the next one would be honest? No one in authority wanted to claim fraud especially the judiciary as no one knew what the reaction of the American people would be. While there have been many recounts and charges of ballot box stuffing and many irregularities in the counting of votes in key swing states no one wants to deal with the consequences of admitting a fraudulent count. To bring into question that an election for the President of the United States is suspected to be riddled with fraudulent votes could yield a real insurrection that no one wanted to deal with.

While I firmly believe that this last presidential election was full of fraud in the counting of ballots in many key swing states much of the fraud was caused by last minute changes to mail in ballots because of the “Covid Pandemic”. We may never know the truth about what did or did not occur but what we do know is we wound up trading a great President like Trump for a man who does not appear to have all of his mental faculties and is turning America into a third world country before our very eyes. In just a year and a half President Biden and his WOKE crew of misfits have managed to turn a thriving economy built over four years by President Trump into a country that is WOKE and Broke. We are in economic decay with 8.6% inflation, fuel prices so high people can barely afford to get to and from work. Food prices are soaring and housing costs continue to climb unabated with people living in RV’s and tents because they can’t afford real housing. Now the Democrats are holding a public hearing using our tax dollars at a cost of $8 million dollars per show on TV in hopes of hurting president Trump’s chances for reelection in 2024. This “Kabuki Theatre” is nothing more than a presentation by a committee of handpicked Trump hating representatives whose intent it is to discredit one of the most successful presidents of our time. The hearings have nothing to do with an insurrection but have to do with the Washington Democrats scared out of their wits that Trump could get reelected and they along with the Liberal Media are trying everything they can to eliminate his chances of running in 2024.

We have allowed the bureaucracies of Washington to grow so powerful that they are now in control and it is our fault for continuing to make bad choices in the people who we elect to manage our country. There was no insurrection on January 6th. What took place was is a peaceful assembly turned bad not because of President Trumps comments but because of the intervention by subversive forces working in conjunction with a corrupt Washington establishment. It appears more likely there was a planned plot to turn this peaceful rally into something they could use to discredit Trump. When you think that they were expecting over a hundred thousand people to show up for this rally you would think that the Capital police would have had better than 50% of their staff there. You would think that Nancy Pelosi would have taken Trump up on calling up the National Guard for crowd control but neither of these things took place. Nancy and crew didn’t want to have crowd control they wanted chaos and did everything they could to make it happen. From the suspected FBI insurgents to the Black Lives Matter members it was an opportunity for a perfect storm. Unfortunately if anyone takes the time to look at the footage of this break-in to the capital they will find that very few people in this crowd that entered the building were doing any harm and of course the few that were should be punished. This was not an insurrection but a peaceful protest turned sour by a few individuals who were more than likely planted in the crowd to cause a disturbance. The government has withheld many of the thousands of hours of video they have collected in hopes of keeping their secret of how orderly this group was and you can bet these video’s will be lost in the great bureaucracy called government, never to see the light of day.

Most Americans do not believe this was anything close to an insurrection and are more concerned about our economy than watching more video of a bunch of elected clowns sit and pontificate about how bad things were while America goes to hell in a hand basket. It’s time we did some real soul searching and ask ourselves the most important question: Are you better off today than you were four years ago under President Trump. If you say you are you need have your head examined or you are so wealthy like most politicians that none of what is happening today has affected you. We are heading for some really rough economic seas as I have said many times in the past 2 months. The light at the end of the tunnel is that conservatives will be able to take back the House of Representatives in November maybe even the Senate and at least soften the blow of the terrible economy handed us by Joe Biden and is inept appointees. I only hope that the American people realize what a huge mistake they made voting for a man who has lost all sense of reality. When you go to the polls in November my friends I suggest you think long and hard about who you vote for so we can get out of this quagmire or lies and deception being poured down our throats daily.

As for me the only retribution I need for all the damage that has and will be done in the next 2 1/2 years is to see President Trump back in the Oval Office in 2024, taking the helm of this ship we call America and steering us a course to prosperity.

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When Trump was initially elected we had friends in the Pacific Northwest Liberty Movement who told us, “Don’t worry! He’s got conservative advisors who know the Constitution and they’re trying to bring him up to speed.” We were worried, but we trusted Trump would be tutored and he’d make the right choices. In many instances he did, as far as his deregulation and all of the wonderful things he did that helped ALL the regular people and small businesses. Then we saw, one by one, the old, has-beens from prior administrations creeping into his “circle” and it was very concerning. They set him up. They influenced him — not in a good way. . . that’s one of the most disturbing elements of saving this Nation. There are always “infiltrators” who are there to do harm. Meaning: there to undermine those who love Liberty and the Rule of Law and want to turn us to the LEFT and totalitarianism and globalism. They set up Trump and now THEY are in charge and they are making hay by pushing us LEFT as hard as they can, as fast as they can. Having Trump in office again would be GREAT; however, if there is a NEXT TIME, we need to make sure that he is surrounded by ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE. . . and we need to make him understand that the FBI, NSA, CIA — need to be purged or dismantled. They are NOT good entities — they are working for the enemy and have been for decades.

Bob, An excellent review of what has taken place in America over the past few years. You are correct on every point, right down to the minute detail.

Your commenters are 100% spot on with their observations just as you are.

Appreciate all the hard work you do and listening to you on Kevin’s morning show.

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