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Governor Brad Little Hasn’t Changed

J.D. Rucker summarized the news this last week that “following the recommendations of a Big-Pharma-controlled panel of “doctors” who unanimously voted to approve jabbing young children with the unsafe and completely ineffective Covid-19 “vaccines”, the FDA has approved the shots for any American over 6-months old.” Governor Little who has not backed away from spreading fear among the populace of Idaho is all in on getting another round of vaccines, that will include everyone! 49 out of 50 states, including Idaho, have ordered the jabs for children. You might have guessed who declined to order these unproven, experimental shots for children in their state. You did guess right, it was Florida and Governor DeSantis.

This gives the residents of Idaho what the next four years under Governor Little will look like. He will continue emergency orders, maybe new ones (monkey pox anyone?) and continued battles with the legislature over mandates. The silver lining is that we will have a more conservative legislature that may be able to overcome his tyrannical rule with an override of vetoes.

To truly follow “the science” go on the State of Idaho dashboard on Covid and look at the numbers. Numbers that we had in front of us since early 2020 and should have given us clear insight on how to take action on this virus. It would not have required lockdowns of churches, schools, businesses and hospitals. The numbers showed us where to apply resources and what measures to take…..which didn’t include masks or “social distancing”.

Getting back to the State of Idaho “dashboard” on deaths from Covid there are some revealing numbers. Idaho, according to the Idaho Division of Public Health had 4,954 deaths that were Covid-19 “related”. 3,377 were over the age of 70 which is 68% of all deaths and nearly half of those were patients in a nursing home. Average stay in a nursing facility is about three months. In fact if you add in those deaths of individuals over 60 you now have over 86% of all deaths were elderly. We knew this early on and where we needed to apply our resources and it was to the elderly population. Most of those had at least one co-morbidity that contributed to their death. The mean age of death was 75.

 The number of deaths of those under the age of 18 was 2. Under the age of 29 was 23. Explain to all of us what the risk/reward analysis was as you shut down colleges and schools? Why were we required to issue face diapers when every study said they don’t work and have no effect on transmission. Children are often asymptomatic and rarely spread to teachers or grandparents.

Governor Little…..what are you doing? The Kootenai Hospital has admitted many nurses and doctors have quit and they can’t find replacements. Wonder why? Health care workers and patients want common sense applied to choice, health care freedom applied to treatment and care. This is why clinics like Heart of Hope Healthcare have appeared in Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint. When you walk into a clinic like this the fear and suspicion are gone as they explain alternatives and apply application to the data.

Let me end this column with some comments from Mr. Rucker: “Let’s call this exactly what it is: Pure evil. Following the recommendations of a Big-Pharma-controlled panel of “doctors” who unanimously voted to approve jabbing young children with the unsafe and completely ineffective Covid-19 “vaccines,” the FDA has approved the shots for any American over 6-months old.

Lest we forget the risk Covid poses to children is infinitesimal. It is far-less deadly to unjabbed children than Influenza. Moreover, evidence continues to mount that the jabs do not provide anywhere near the protection that government, Big Pharma, and their media puppets claim. This makes absolutely zero sense from a medical perspective, but makes perfect sense from the perspective of globalist elites like Bill Gates and Barack Obama who want to see every man, woman, and child on earth injected.”

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For a dose of reality, see the FDA press release

What reality? The admission that not a single one of the so-called “vaccines” provides even a couple of months of protection? Or that the ones approved for children provide less than a month and then quickly turn to negative protection? Or the facts that nations administering these shots to young people are seeing heart issues skyrocket in number? Or the increasing number of fertility issues in the young?

These shots are nothing more than the Davos pledge to reduce the world population by 90%. If you don’t believe me, look up WHO tetanus shot sterility in Kenya from the 90’s.

ONLY 32.5 % voter turnout ………….
We get what we deserve ……………..
Idaho is done …. say “Bye bye, Idaho “

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