Indivisible? The New Tea Party? We Don’t Think So!

While sitting and waiting for Raul Labrador’s Town Hall to begin I noticed some unusual activity. There was this millennial hipster with a Che Guevara wannabe haircut passing out colored pieces of paper and giving directions. During the question and answers, he was orchestrating the speakers. It looked like he was taking the “ask a question” tickets from one person and giving it to another person who would then ask a question.

I was wondering who this guy was but I didn’t have to wait long because he took a ticket from someone, kept it and marched to the mic. Rather than ask a question he proclaimed that he, Teuvo Orjala, was the founder of Indivisible North Idaho. He went on to read some statement which was a rehash of the same talking points his group was pushing all night. I really wasn’t paying attention because I was wondering who this guy was.

Once home I started researching Orjala and Indivisible. Indivisible gets its name from a handbook ostensibly written by former Obama staffers and funded by George Soros founded organizations. It details methods and techniques to be used to influence representatives and largely follows the teachings of Saul Alinsky (Rules For Radicals). The stated goal is to emulate the Tea Party movement that was so successful in countering the progressive agenda. To that end, they are failing miserably.

The Tea Party was a spontaneous grassroots movement. The first Tea Party rally in Coeur d’Alene (April 15th 2009) drew 1,800 people and a rally a year later packed the Greyhound Park with nearly 3,000. In contrast, Indivisible events are lucky to have two dozen. Indivisible claims to be “grassroots” but in reality is as organic as a polyester pants suit.

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Digging deeper into Orjala the Idaho Court Data Repository shows he has a long and frequent relationship with law enforcement, 34 cases in all starting at the tender age of 13. His rap sheet reads like a menu of criminal activity; grand theft, forgery, disturbing the peace, battery, lying to police, and lots of fines and jail time. The most recent offense from the guy who rants about forcing people to buy health insurance was for…..Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance. You can’t make this stuff up. But it gets worse.

Orjala is a self-proclaimed Urantian (you rant again?), a c.1950 new age cult “fellowship” that believes the universe is run by “The Seven Supreme Power Directors” and we are the decedents of space aliens. Their bible, The Urantia Book, reads like pulp science fiction and is heavy in eugenics and white supremacy. According to the Urantia Book the Adamic (white) race is the “superior race” and that “Isolated in Africa, the indigo peoples, like the red man, received little or none of the race elevation which would have been derived from the infusion of the Adamic stock. Alone in Africa, the indigo race made little advancement” (Urantia Book 64:6.26 (725.7)).

Fortunately for Orjala, in America you are free to associate with any group, no matter how offensive, and that if you serve your time you get a second, or even a thirty-fourth chance. Even felons, after serving their time, can exercise their right to vote. They can even start a franchise of a political action organization and solicit membership and donations. All you need to do is register that organization with the Secretary of State. You did register, didn’t you Teuvo? Maybe you’ll need that 35th chance.

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